MSI Wind U100 Price and Specs

We got a tip on the pricing and specs of the new MSI Wind U100 that’s now available in computer shops around Metro Manila. These ones came from a branch of PC Corner:

“¢ Intel Atomâ„¢ Processor, DiamondVille 2008 Platform 45-nm CPU @ 1.6GHz
“¢ MicroSoft Windows XP Home, SP3
“¢ 10 inch Wide Screen Display
“¢ 3 hours battery life
“¢ Hard Drive (80GB to 320GB)
“¢ 1.3MP Webcam
“¢ 4-in-1 Card reader
“¢ 802.11bg WiFi with Bluetooth

512 MB RAM, 80GB HHD, No OS – Php 23,999
1.0 GB RAM, 80GB HDD, No OS – Php 24,999
1.0 GB RAM, 80GB, Windows XP Home Edition SP3 – Php 25,999
1.0 GB RAM, 80GB, Windows XP Home Edition SP3 – Php 26,999 (with external 60GB Mobile HDD with enclosure)
1.0GB RAM, 160GB, Windows XP PRO COA – Php 27,999
2.0GB RAM, 160GB, Windows XP PRO COA – Php 29,999
2.0GB RAM, 320GB, Windows XP PRO COA – Php 31,999


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  • kjh

    ang mahal amp. what does coa mean

  • riso

    I am buying this wind not later July 18, 2008. Please contact me 09228285918. I am looking

    for the best deal. Together with it I am buying DVD writer (external) for it and optical

    mouse. If if possible, I would like to upgrade its 3cell to 6 cell.

  • pipit

    I bought the msi wind at micro accent last July 3rd. I was the first buyer and initially happy with the product. But then after few days I noticed that there were scratches on my case cover brought by the rubbing of the plastic edge portion of the free bag/pouch that comes with it. Also, the keyboard has a tendency to touch the screen leaving imprints which I fear might do permanent scratching over prolonged use. I returned the unit to Micro Accent yesterday 6 days after I bought it but they said it is not covered by the 7 days free replacement warranty as there is no technical problem with the product. Told them obviously I dont want a scratched laptop and the scratching was not user’s fault because they recommended that the unit must be placed inside the pouch “protector” that they gave away. Im trying to get in touch with MSI directly about this.

  • epe

    Yey! I got a black MSI Wind yesterday from Complink at SM North. P25,999 at zero % over 6 mos.

    Have been installing stuff on it. It’s basically a fully functional notebook and the speed is no different from my Acer Centrino laptop. It’s quite fast actually. The keyboard is type-able–this is what I truly wanted because I touch type a lot (50-60 words per minute?). The keyboard is a bit smaller than usual, but still type-able with not much adjustments in fingering.

    The screen is 10″ but somehow the text is readable. So I don’t have to squint a lot — feels almost like looking at a 12″ laptop.

    It’s lighter and smaller of course. I realized I needed one when my laptop was difficult to work with on the plane.. too cramped (economy class). Battery life is too short at about 2 hours or 3 hours on battery boost mode (slower processing at dimmer setting). Forgot to mention that the screen is quite bright — maybe becase of the LED backlighting.

    I’ve run various applications including computing software, and it’s quite fast–almost the same as my other laptop. Was able to connect it to a PC via LAN to be able to use the PC dvdrw while installing stuff.

    There’s not much documentation, though. There are software installed that probably shouldn’t be there like the Cyberlink Suite which is meant for dvdrw — but this one doesn’t have one. There’s Norton, which I didn’t use, and trial version of Office 2007, which I got rid of quickly and replaced with OpenOffice.

    Can’t figure out how to use onboard Bluetooth with my cellphone for 3G — although 3rd party software worked, though. Hmmm. Has WLAN — worked with Robinson’s mall’s WIFI yesterday.

    What’s really not to like is the tiny sound from the tiny speakers… your cellphone probably sounds better. Oh well. Can’t have much from a cheap ultraportable. I’m happy with the price and performance, overall.

  • carla

    How does this compare to the HP Mini guys? I really want to get either that or the MSI Wind next week, but I still can’t make up my mind.

  • epe

    HP mini 2133 is super sluggish–won’t decently play movies or even youtube– heavier by a bit, much shorter battery life, and screen is smaller at 8.9″. Good things: bigger harddrive capacity and nicer chassis.

    Overall, I went for the MSI because it is faster using an Intel atom chip. Speed is important especially that you’d also want to watch some youtube or short movie clips from time time. And for me, for work. The screen is also nicer at 10″ size. Easily MSI Wind beats HP Mini according to most reviews, and I think they’re right. I am so far happy with my MSI Wind. The real contender in terms of specs should be Asus EEE PC 901 or 1000H. The 1000H has a rated battery life of more than 5 h.

  • epe

    With regards to PIPIT’s problem (see above): scratches and ‘key button’ marks on the LCD.

    The glossy finish of the Wind, I also thought would be prone to scratches, and I noticed that the free bag has a rough fabric on one side on the inside where a net/pocket is located. I suspected that this might scratch the glossy cover surface so I put the wnd on top of this net, and the glossy cover faces the soft part of the bag. So far, for me, no scratches.

    The LCD button mark — the keys do not touch the LCD when you fold the cover. I suspect that what Pipit was seeing are the LCD shadows on the edges of the screen. The backlighting is LED and when you lower the screen brightness, it turns off or dims some of the LED lighting and you can see some shadowing at the edges. BUt this is just lighting — not a real problem. At high screen brightness you won’t see this shadowing anyway. Just my guess.

  • Diana

    Do you guys know where to buy better laptop pouches for the MSI Wind?

  • I’m getting me one of this pero maghihintay muna ako ng two months. By that time, available na yung 6 cell battery pack.

    Another reason is… lalabas na yung Intel Atom Dual Core. Baka biglang maglabas ng Version ng MSI Wind na Dual core na.

  • TRiAD

    I’ve bought my MSI wind 160GB, 1GB RAM, no OS for P20,000. Buti binili namin ng maaga. Pinag-ipunan namin ung 10,000 at nag-5/6 kami sa isa pang 10,000… Hehehe

    I don’t need a legit WinXP for my OS bec. I found a legit serial in the internet.

    MSI wind is better alternative to Asus EEPC when it was still 20K. Right now, I can’t say that anymore.


    PRICE LIST FOR MSI Dual Screen CES 2010 . THANKS.

  • im selling my msi u 100 series for only 14php complete package except the box..from kwait kasi 6mos old…

  • Msi Wind U-100 is not a hardcore laptop de,but can fight other netbooks.3.0ghz processor can be upgraded but costs alot.