MSI preps Wind U120 and U91

It looks like the going trend for netbooks nowadays are bigger SSDs and mobile connectivity. So MSI is also throwing out a fresh batch of Wind netbooks by the end of this quarter.

The MSI Wind U120 is the next generation 10″ netbook that will come with 3.5G HSDPA built into the system. Great for cheap but 3G-rich country like the Philippines. A 6-cell battery will also be a standard option for these netbooks but will ultimately increase the weight of the unit to 1.25Kg.


The MSI Wind U91 will still be offered with 8.9″ display screen, as well as the HSDPA module.

MSI is considering upgrading the processors to the Dual Core Intel Atom N330 but because the CPU will also consume twice as much power, they are carefully weighing their options.

MSI promises that the price of these new models will be at the same range as the earlier one.

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  • What is it going to sell for or will they be given away, with contracts?