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Multiply reinvents itself as a digital shopping hub

With Facebook becoming the social networking site of choice among most Filipinos, Multiply found itself needing to change into something different yet useful. One of the major reasons why Multiply is still alive today is its healthy social marketplace and they capitalized on that by giving sellers and buyers the support they need for a an easy yet secure shopping experience.

Recently, Multiply formally opened the country’s biggest digital mall at the Art Center at the 4th Floor of Gateway Mall. The launch event hosted by celebrity host and avid Multiply shopper Lia Cruz allowed guests to digitally shop and browse thousands of Multiply stores with just a click.

What started out as a social networking site evolved into a digital shopping portal, thanks to entrepreneurial Filipinos who utilized the site’s popular Photo Album feature to showcase products and wares that briskly sold to netizens.  Taking its cue from this growing trend, Multiply harnessed the opportunity to rework the site with a fully-functioning e-commerce platform to ensure a safe and hassle-free digital shopping experience for its users. Now with 88,000 categories (and counting), Multiply houses the widest variety of stores in the Philippine on-line world.

Secure and Convenient


Multiply Senior Marketing Manager Paulo del Puerto

Unlike malls that operate within set hours, Multiply is open 24/7 for shoppers to browse its 88,000 stores in the comforts of their own homes. But more than convenience and variety, Multiply also offers a secure, easy-to-follow payment scheme through its partnerships with BDO Virtual Card, BPI, Paypal and G-Cash. To lessen purchasing disputes, Multiply also has a Buyer Protection Program for merchants that protects their customers’ purchases.

Promoting Filipino entrepreneurship

Successful Multiply merchants Alwin Aguirre, Jonie Cheng and Suyen Rivera-Lopez were invited to share their individual stories and how Multiply helped their business grow.


Multiply Merchants Suyen Rivera-Lopez, Jonie Cheng, and Alwin Aguirre

“œWhen I began, I was hesitant on making a big investment because I wasn’t that familiar yet with the mommy and baby market. Starting with little inventory, I now release two collections a year,” said Jonie Cheng who has been running her digital shop, mamaway.multiply.com for two years now. “œOur debts from when we started the business have been cleared and we are on track on getting a bigger return on our investments.”

Alwin Aguirre whose site toughbratbags.multiply.com focuses on customized men’s bags agrees that Multiply has been very profitable source of income. He shared, “œSince setting up my business in 2008, I was able to get a regular stream of orders and  build a substantial customer base. Because of this, I decided to quit my day job and become a fulltime Multiply merchant.”

Suyen Rivera-Lopez of houseofflair.multiply.com allows people to pre-order the latest products from popular apparel and cosmetics stores in the US without shipping and handling fees since 2009. “œI was able to build my brand through Multiply and I feel that my business wouldn’t have done as well if I set up shop elsewhere. My digital store grew mostly through viral networking and word-of-mouth,” she said.

To get started on your very own business or on hunting for the best deals, register at http://multiply.com/user/join.


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