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Multiply to shut down Philippine operations

On a letter to its valued merchants, Multiply disclosed that they will be shutting down the marketplace on May 6 and will discontinue all business operations by the end of May 2013.


What does this mean to the merchant’s customers? You can only buy items off Multiply stores until May 6.

This deadline will also allow Multiply’s 130,000 merchants to settle transactions and receive funds earned on the platform. For those who paid for the Trust Badge, a pro-rated refund based on the remaining time of subscription can be availed.

No details as to why Multiply decided to shut down its local operations. They simply advise their merchants to look for alternative e-commerce platforms to migrate their shop to.

It was just last December when Multiply dropped their blog and social network services to concentrate on their e-commerce service, allowing their merchants to manage their own storefront with a real e-commerce infrastructure behind.

Last February, they awarded three outstanding Multiply merchants the Multiply Origination Award for their excellence and creativity in marketing their products online.

Just over a month ago, they transitioned to a new and “œbetter” e-commerce platform that was met with a lot of bugs and issues for a number of merchants.

This sudden move was a bit surprising considering that Multiply has already established itself as the premiere site where you can actually manage your own online storefront.

Multiply launched its Philippine operations in August 2011, and it has 5.5 million users and 130,000 merchants in the country.

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  • thejorlanb

    dami pa namang murang item sa mga stores sa multiply.
    i remember last year lang, may 5k discounts for 20k purchases kay kimstore.

    • kimstore will just move to a different platform lang. they wont cease their operations dahil wala na ang multiply.

  • That’s too bad. I was a happy multiply shopper until they migrated. With the bugs, most of the other sellers, had to resort to facebook and even opened their own websites. Perhaps, they were not earning as much as they expected to.

  • Griswold

    Whoa!!! bat kaya sila nagsara? Wala naman silang kalaban talaga ah. Andaming apektado neto.

  • Allan

    There’s hope in the horizon! GoBunch! Awesome features for both sellers and buyers. Merchants, easily migrate and open your shop in minutes, post unlimited products! Continue selling your beautiful stuff! Buyers, give feedback and ratings…See more features coming at http://www.mylanderpages.com/gobunch/signup

  • Mica

    this is bad news! i mean, i’ve been buying from their site for so long. I wonder why this happened 🙁

  • We’ve predicted this months ago when Multiply announced the shutting down of their social networking features. We’ve also tried to appeal to the new management, but they just wouldn’t listen.

    They just couldn’t get it through their thick skulls that e-commerce in Multiply was actually started informally as an extended activity of online friendship. Sellers and buyers were online friends who were not only doing business but were sharing stories as well, as most sellers were actually bloggers (or at least started as bloggers). The business in Multiply back then relied on human touch. This human touch was actually the best attraction to shop, and eliminating this human touch means burning the shop. That’s what kills Multiply.

    That, and the incompetence and arrogance of their personnel; their customer service in particular.

    Anyway, I wouldn’t trust them to refund the accounts. When they closed down the social networking features, they’ve promised to refund the previous Premium account and they failed to do it.

  • hateyou

    ahahah… buti lang yan sa multiply.. all people working to that company …mga mayabang…. at sinungaling pa… yan ang tinatawag na KARMA… buti nga ng sara kayo……

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