My online banking experience

I’ve been using BPI Express Online for more than a couple of years already and so far I’ve been content with it. Most of my routinary financial transactions I do through it — like paying utility bills, transferring funds to my checking account and reloading my prepaid phone. I can’t really say it’s the best out there since the only other service I’ve tried is UCPB’s. However, it does offer a lot of convenience for my purposes. The only time I really go to the bank these days is when I have to deposit funds.

The most convenient part of the service though is that it is accessible through WAP/GPRS. I can easily check if I have enough cash on the ATM card that I usually carry and then transfer funds to it if need be. Thus, when going to the ATM machine all I really need to do is withdraw the cash instead of checking the balance first, which is usually what stalls the lines, especially on a payday.

What’s your online banking story?

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  • vinx

    I also use BPI Express Online, the thing I don’t like is it cannot transfer funds without pre-registering an account. Neither do most local online banks I have tried before – Metrobank and UCPB.

  • It is a security feature if the bank will only transfer funds to pre-registered accounts. If your logon information is compromised, at least the hacker cannot transfer money to his account automatically. He’ll have to preregister his account first.

  • I think it’s some sort of security measure on their part so that in the event of any unauthorized access on an account they can’t just transfer funds to any account.

    Speaking of UCPB, I’m still receiving one of those e-mail reminders I’ve setup ages ago even if I’m no longer a depositor for the last couple of years.

  • I’ve been using BPI expressonline for over 5 years now. I pay most of my bills there. It’s so convenient because my kids are in college. when they need money, I just transfer online. I remember how it was 30 years ago when my dad had to send telegraphic transfer and it’d arrive 5 days later. Ngayon, 5 seconds na lang. There was a time when I enrolled time deposits online. They had .5% higher rate compared to the bank. So that was also cool.

  • Although BPI is very strict about their fund transfer policy, it’s better na rin in the end so that no one can (who happens to get your login) arbitrarily transfer funds thru it.

    PCI’s Fastnet on the other hand allows you to just key in the account number without pre-reg. Very convenient but could be a security concern.

  • Hope BPI can put the branch code on today’s transaction..

  • markbucayan

    I use EQUITABLE FASTNET ( and I am satisfied with it. I can transfer to any EQUITABLE account pero dapat same currency.

    In addition, if you are an OFW, the best way I think to send money to relatives is to direct deposit it to your bank through your preferred remittance service. Then, give your relatives ATM cards and transfer money to them from your account. if you are a control freak… you can also pay the bills yourself 😉

  • vinx

    For me, it is not a complete online banking experience when the user needs to enroll an account offline before doing a transfer. In contrast to ATMs, at least ATMs can accept drop-off deposits.

    Enrolling an account is obviously a security aspect for the local banks mentioned but Citibank and Wells Fargo allows fund transfer without this extra step. I’m sure these institutions are secure. If securiy/hacking is a problem, it is because of an irresposible user or the bank’s technology.

    I’m sure BPI and other local banks can allow no enrollment fund transfer – maybe it’s just not worth it for now. No. of users, internet/computer knowledge, and responsibility of users can be some of their factors.

  • on my wishlist:

    Seamless transfers or payments between different banks

    And yes, eliminate need to offline enroll for these transactions to be activated

  • Check out [email protected] Their internet banking service is really top notch. Being a foreign bank and having expertise from all kinds of markets does make a difference.

    And I hear they’ve got something really BIG coming up very soon. Something about improving their internet banking even more.

  • Cherry

    hi! does anyone know phil. bank policies on big amount of wire transfers from other countries.. thoughts?


  • chris

    I’ve got HSBC, I think they have the best internet bank in the philippines.//

    But if you want an account get an account with UNIONBANK – they call it EON Cyberaccount with Visa.

    I think UNIONBANK EON account is the best.\


    1. No maintaining balance required.
    You only need to pay the Annual fee for the
    Visa electron/visa debit card which is 350 pesos.

    2. No inter branch fees for deposit. You can deposit any Unionbank Branch, but for over the counter withdrawal they charge like 100 pesos.

    But i think its fair enough. They will give you an ATM/VISA Debit card which you can use online or swipe it at the mall

    3. Online banking facility. You can make online payment to GLOBE, PLDT, MERALCO at no extra charge.

    You can send up to 500,000 pesos (half million)
    online transfer using their online platform
    for only 10 pesos (ten pesos). YOu can send money
    to major banks in the Philippines.

    YOu can also set up recurrent transaction.

    4. Unlike other banks. They dont charge for incoming remittance.

    BPI charge 150 pesos for inward remittance.
    Unionbank its FREE! zero charge.

    • Leovina

      Hi! I'm having problem with my Union bank Mobile App.. I tried to pay my PLDT Monthly Bill, it went well. I received a notification that I already paid. After 24 hrs I called to PLDT because we got disconnected and told them I already paid via UnionBank. Another 24 hrs (already 2 days) I called to PLDT again to follow up, they said my payment was not reflected. I was wondering if I'm having problem with my UnionBank Mobile App.. It's already one week since I paid, and still my internet connection was lost and the PLDT has no answer to my question. Please help me.

  • chris

    Fund Transfer using Unionbank EON Online Platform.

    Unlike BPI you need to enroll. For Unionbank no need
    except you have to activate the service so that you can get a transaction password. ( The password you have to input everytime you make payment / fund transfer).

    Once you have activate the service. You can use it to transfer money to major banks in the Philippines up to 500,000 pesos.

  • Paul Tan

    Where do I go for help when my atm account at east west bank had been compromised? There was an unauthorized withdrawal of 5,000.00 this June 13,2010. One bank used in the withdrawal was called WORLDS PARTNERS BANK. Is there a bank here bearing that name?

    • better go to east west bank. haven’t heard of worlds partners bank but they do have a website. most of their branches are in the province (bulacan and laguna).

    • Nika

      Eastwest bank, I think, really are poor in their services. I had a friend who also had experienced an unauthorized withdrawal of 25,000.00. and worst, from my aunt who had a checking account with this bank, when she lost her checkbook, she found out that the bank released money from an issued check and the signature was not even hers. weird!

  • Tonyboy

    I also use BPI expressonline,UCPB,Eastwest but for me, citibank is the best when it comes to online banking. 🙂

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  • Jel Mance

    This just happened to me yesterday!! I live in Binan, Laguna and my money was widrawn at security bank in PASIG at 1am!! I hope to get my money back.. . :'(

  • kit

    BPI just fucked up processing my card. Someone mess up. When i told them that its not my fault they mess up they say they will expedite the shipping and they will send it to the nearest branch im available since im out of town for few months. They dont know what the exact date i will receive the card. Now just got a message they want me to get it again from the place where i open the card! They message me if i dont get it within 20days i can no longer have the card! I lost clients because of there first mess! Now they want me to get the card on the inconvinient place im not at! They are not thinking when they mess up we are affected greatly. I lost 50k of profit! BPI is so inconvinient!