My PLDT DSL Downgrade Experience

Interested to learn how to downgrade your existing PLDT DSL line? Ok, Heres how it goes:

1. Call up 171 and follow the voice instructions to get to the DSL section
2. Request for a downgrade from the PLDT agent
3. PLDT agent refers your request to your local PLDT area office, This may take as much as a week so plan in advance especially if your cycle billing date is approaching.
4. A PLDT local office representative will call you up regarding your request. Also you will also need to agree to be locked in for the downgrade plan you chose for 1 year.
5. It will take around 5 working days to completely process your request, you may or not experience minimal downtime. I’m assuming that for the vast majority of users NO HARDWARE CHANGES are necessary as only PLDT needs to do their adjustments internally.

Note that PLDT didnt call me up when the transition was completed and had to verify that my line was indeed downgraded by calling 172 (PLDT’s DSL Tech support).

I am writing this as PLDT has just completed their downgrade of my 3 year old Professional MyDSL line to the 999 Plan and it looks solid so far. The main reason i delayed my downgrade to the 999 PLDT DSL plan is because i thought that, because of the cheap price, quality wasnt that good.

So how is the quality of my PLDT DSL 999 line? So far, i have played World of Warcraft and local MMO’s, downloaded through bittorrent and emule, done my usual uploads for my blogs and work and i didnt even notice the difference.

Disclaimer: The steps listed above may or not apply to your situation. While i think PLDT wont deviate too much from the steps listed above to get your DSL line downgraded, its a good idea to double check with whoever you are talking to at PLDT. Performance benchmarks will also vary from location to location and will also be subject to line quality and hardware specs.

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  • How to ask for PLDT technician to fix your PLDT line (no line, no DSL, right?)

    1. Call 171. They will promise a visit.
    2. If you have gone tired waiting, go to the nearest PLDT office. The staff will make some calls and/or send emails. S/he will assure you the technician will visit.
    3. Wait.

    I’m still on the 3rd stage — 3 weeks and counting, without DSL connections. Would they refund? Start to step #1. 😀

    In the meantime, Smart 3G keeps me connected when needed.

  • My experience, they have package that has a Notebook and a PC, this one is for Business.

    Almost two months now, the DSL is already is active but the Notebook and the PC have not been delivered. Every time I check, they are following up with their supplier. Is DTI watching this blog?

  • So much for the promo?

    And, Smart 3G backing up a down PLDT line? Would be more cool if it were a Globe 3G or Visiblity doing the job!

  • Andrew

    Hi –

    Sorry a bit off topic here – I’m not from the Philippines but would like to ask about Broadband there. I’ve been told that there is a ‘low penetration rate’ but it could be that people are just not subscribing to it, not that it is not available to them. Is it generally available anywhere I go if I choose to have it, and are the speeds ok – or does it suffers from bad connection much of the time?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Migz,

    Globe 3G is too expensive for internet browsing – P 0.25/kb. OTOH, Smart 3G charges a P10 per 30 mins flatrate.

  • I guess they want you to sign up for Visibility.

    They should both come up with flat-rate data plans… wait, maybe that is Sun Cellular’s 3G plan!

  • aki

    did you pay five thousand pesos for the penalty?

  • this link may give you hints on the legal issues surrounding pldts stupidity…
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    \ /

  • wweij

    Mission Impossible:

    The downgrading experience with PLDT

    Mr X was a pldt land line and DSL subscriber, he paid around 800 pesos for the his residentail landline and 995 pesos for his DSL, all in all he was paying php1800 per month to PLDT, by 2008, he realized that he would have his account downgrade to pldt plan 990 (DSL + landline) since the lock-in period of his DSL plan 995 has already expired. Thus,

    July 2008 – August 2008
    Action taken: Informed PLDT to downgrade the DSL plan by dial 171
    Response: The agent insisted that the subscriber have to write the letter of request for downgrading and it is still subject to approval. (Why subjected to approval, note the lock-in period has already expired)
    Action Taken: Fax the letter of downgrading request with signature.

    September 2008:
    Action Taken: Dial 171 to follow-up the downgrading status.
    Response: the agent said they didn’t receive any documents.
    Action Taken: Write the letter again, and fax, and call 171
    Response: The agent said they have received the fax, but before they would grant the request, the subscriber has to settle all the unpaid bills. (First Fool)

    Action Taken: Pay the bills
    October 2008:
    – the subscriber received he bills again for October and the plan is still not yet downgraded.
    Action Taken: Dial 171 to follow-up the downgrading status.
    Response: The agent said they have received the fax, but before they would grant the request, the subscriber has to settle the unpaid bills again.
    – the subscriber got irritated.
    – the pldt representative (not sure if he is the supervisor) promise they will monitor the system, once the subscriber pay the bill, they will have the plan downgrade. (Second Fool)
    – the subscriber paid the bill again

    December 2008 – Jan 2009
    – the subscriber received he bills again and the plan is still not yet downgraded.
    Action Taken: Dial 171 to request to talk to the supervisor directly
    Response: the supervisor is busy raw
    – the agent asked to subscriber to settle the unpaid bills first.
    – The subscriber got irritated, and tell the agent, if the pldt is not going to downgrade the plan, then disconnect it.
    – The agent said they will monitor the system and asked the subscriber to settle the bills ((Third Fool)
    – the subscriber paid portion of unpaid bills on Jan 16, 2009

    February 2009
    – Feb 9 2009, PLDT disconnect the landline
    – The subscriber called PLDT to verify that the account is terminated.

    This is not the end of story..
    On Feb 12, pldt issue a letter together with the bill for February to subscriber. (They are asking to subscriber to pay the bill for February wherein they have already disconnected the subscriber’s account?)

    So, why PLDT is doing it?
    Because they are a monopoly company!!!