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My Sort-of-DIY USB Portable Drive

They’ve become formidable fashion accessories also, these portable USB drives. I got one myself, an el cheapo and now much-abused and cosmetically punk Astone 128MB MP3 player. All along, if I was just looking for mobile storage, I didn’t know I’ve had the makings of one for months already.

When I bought my Canon A85 almost a year ago, it was my first time to get acquainted with memory cards. Hence, I looked for a memory card reader. Most of what’s readily available in the local stores boast of a I-can-read-12-memory-card-formats. However, further scouring lead me to an almost forgotten part of a local computer store, where I found this:

CF hotreader

The Taiwan-made CF hotreader; it only reads CF cards, and was priced at around 500 pesos. Its a snug fit to anyone’s palm (that part of your hand; not the part of your PDA Christmas wishlist), and can be folded when inserted into your PC’s USB port, so as not to protrude.

It looks like I can actually belong to the USB-drive necklace-wearing hotshots. Well, then again, I’ve never been much of a fashionista.

FYI: If you’re on the lookout to pimp your protable drive, here’s a page that claims to list the Best Free Portable Windows Freeware. Decent list to start with.

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  • I once had 3 external USB Storage of different capacities.. but since i cannot use them as i want, because of this BS7799 thing implemented on us, i just rather gave them to my friends. well, i still can borrow them if i wanted to…

  • Couldn’t resist…

    check out this thumb drive!

    Two thumbs up! 😉

    ka edong

  • mr nice ash: Geez, sana pala friend mo ako 🙂

    ka edong: Wahaha. Now, can YOU suck that thumb? :p