Removes Hidden Text But… has removed the hidden text pointed out in the Does a post earlier.

Bon Moya, general manager of had this to say:

Yes there was a hidden text there for some time. But when we found out, we took it out immediately. We have written Google and Google has acknowledged our compliance and told us that we will be brought back in the Google index.

But Senior Google engineer Matt Cutts has picked up the story and posted a rather interesting reply on his blog:

I was interested to see an article about a site in the Philippines that is removing hidden text from its front page. Kudos to for taking that action. A quick check still shows some hidden text though, e.g. has some white-on-white text that I highlighted:

If you’re doing a reinclusion request, my advice is to make sure that all of the hidden text is gone from the site before requesting reinclusion. It may just be an oversight, but doing a full clean-up on a site before doing a reinclusion request really improves the chances of everything going smoothly.

I think it’s safe to say that needs to send a second reinclusion request after they’ve done a thorough “house cleaning”.

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  • Pretty lousy job on the first pass of housekeeping. I guess they were trying to make up for the loss. Really gives them ( a bad reputation, specially with the inaccuracy of their statement.

  • Pretty lousy job with the housekeeping. I guess they’re making up for the loss. Gives them a bad reputation too, specially with the inaccuracy of their statement.

  • Nakakahiya.

    This is what happens when suits don’t check their company’s sites themselves.

  • oh shame.