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MyDestiny and the quality of local ISPs

One reader emailed us asking why we haven’t reviewed any other broadband/DSL providers except Smart Wifi and PLDT myDSL. Matter of fact is, either none of us has had any problems with the rest of them or most of our contributors are on Smart Wifi or PLDT.

Another feedback we got was from Milo who asked us get feedback from our readers about MyDestiny Cable Internet:

They have an extremely crappy service and I can’t understand how they won the internet service provider of the year. I just want to find out how many people out there are having problems with their service. Their customer support tells you to send a text message which is fast and within 20min a customer rep will contact you. But the thing is I have to send 10 to 20 text messages when their service is down and luckily after three days they will call up telling you they have network problems and do not know how long it will get fixed.

I can’t verify which awards it was though. The website of PISO and Google search did not reveal any clues.

Frankly, is there any “good” broadband ISP around? Cable internet in the Philippines is said to be worse and much slower than DSL, contrary to the theoretical throughput. We’ve heard complaints for almost all residential ISPs from Evo-DSL of Eastern Telecoms, GlobeQuest, Bayantel DSL and even more with the telco giant PLDT (can you spell myDSL as fast as they can bill you?).

I’m sure a huge number of us have had their share of complaints. We can only complain again and again, switch providers, or be more patient and hope that customer service would improve.

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  • I guess it all depends on what is defined as “good.”

    For example, when it comes to ISP, IMHO, “good” would be:

    – Good customer service (i.e., able to resolve problems quickly)

    – Good throughput (i.e., actual bandwidth is close to or equal to published bandwidth)

    – Stable (i.e., limited downtime)

    – Timely and accurate billing

    Sometimes I also wonder if the poor throughput or stability is caused by whatever applications are running on the PC.

  • silkshadow

    I use my PLDT at home and it its rather poor. Globe finally came in my neighborhood but doesn’t service my bulding ๐Ÿ™ so I have no choice. However, I am unhappy with PLDT. I am only getting half of my advertised bandwidth and I haven’t been able to keep patience enough to stay on hold for an hour+ to fight with them about it. PLDT has the worst customer hold times. If a competitor showed up, I would switch in a heartbeat.

  • I have been a Destiny subscriber for about a year. The service was ok most of the time. Speed was decent too. My main gripe was that a service outage normally takes a long time to fix. I probably get an outage once a month that lasts around 8 hours. I also get multiple micro-outages once in a while.

    PLDT DSL is a strange story on the other hand. I moved to it because it was cheaper (plan 999). So far, I have yet to encounter an outage. There was even this one time when I disconnected by DSL modem because I was going out for the weekend and a bunch of PLDT engineers called to check if there was a problem with my DSL. Talk about service! I hope I didn’t jinx myself. But PLDT DSL service definitely better than Destiny.

    It is also important to note that broadband service is also area dependent. My vicinity to the Jupiter exchange probably makes servicing for me a snap.

  • What IS the best ISP out there? Or is there any good local ISP at all?

    Another thing to note is that Globe to PLDT routes are annoyingly weird. Packets have to travel to the US or Singapore only to go back to Manila.

  • I think Globe was also provides internet since the ISP boom. But not commercialize as other ISP(smart,pldt,cable). Or they are selective with their costumers.

  • I have been a destiny subscriber since December 1999. That’s almost 6 years. The service isn’t that bad and then again it depends on the location. I live in Makati . I am told that we were the first location to have cable installed. My sister in QC had bad service and ditched destiny to PLDT Mydsl after a year. Destiny Customer service has been good to me. I am just lucky I guess. or perhaps because we live near their office. hehe. I can always knock at their doors. I’ve done that twice but only because of laptop configuration.

  • icable subscribers, anyone?

  • I am. When ICable it’s bad, it’s really bad – on both network layer and physical (Destiny Cable) problems.

    But when it’s good, and I downloaded at up to 200 KBytes/second, I forget about the bad times! An, there’s no alternative here except Globe.

  • same with noemi, i’ve been with destiny for 6 yrs. I’ve been with them during the ultra fast days (reaching 7+ Mbps), the stupid 256 kbps speed downgrade (when skycable catv subscribers flocked to destiny), the brief uncapping of up and downstreams, and now a decent downstream reaching upto 2Mbps or sometimes more.

    Their technical support improved for the past few years. Just send an SMS to their technical support and they’ll call you back within 20-30mins. Max is 1hr if there’s an entire network outage. You can always easily file a rebate for your downtimes. Just be sure to call them when your connection is down.

  • Too bad. Stable and fast broadband is needed in order for things like streaming video, podcasting, and etc to take off in the Philippines.

  • Currently on PLDT myDSL’s personal plan (P2,500 – 768kbps).

    MY bandwidth’s at around 600-700 kpbs.

    Upgrading to the professional plan.

  • risk

    I’ve subsribed to MyDestiny last May, and everytime I texted their Customer Support, they always respond and call me 30 minutes after. Excellent so far.

  • I’ve been with Bayantel’s SkyDSL since September last year and so far I am satisfied. They will qualify for Monsolo’s definition of “good.”

    What’s nice about their customer service reps is they can immediately tell you exactly why your connection’s not working (faulty device in some area, network outage) and they call you once they confirm from their end that your connection should be ok already.

    I never had to request for a rebate so far.

  • conquer

    I’ve been using My Destiny for 4 months and so far everything’s fine… Sad to say, Until now, I still didn’t know their customer service numbers.. Can I have it from you guys?

    I was only kinda shocked when they billed me once for 4 months.. I think it’s a monthly basis.. ๐Ÿ™ I can’t talk to their rep since the number on the receipt is not available.. Anyway, I am using their 1600+ package and so far, no problem with the connection.

  • Their landline support is 8419393 while text support is 0917-577-1111

  • jhay

    I’m on Globebroadband and so far I’ve had no problems with their service, speed is close to what they specified. The one thing that got me a bit ticked off is that they have a policy that on the first bill of the broadband service, they will charge you with a one month’s advance payment. They said that is is for a deposit in case the subscriber would have a change of address, the extra month’s worht of charges would be used to facilitate the transfer of the Globelines landline and broadband service.

    It’s rediculous! Why would I change my address?! They actually billed me for an extra month that I will never get back as rebate or something else. It’s like highway robbery all over again.

  • Does Globe Broadband/DSL now allow sharing?

  • hindi ko parin alam kung anong ISP available dito sa villamor airbase pasay…

  • I think the problem with our local ISPs is that their service is consistently inconsistent. For every satisfied myDSL customer, there is another one in another city that believes it’s total crap. I have my own horror stories about Destiny as well, but I’m sure there are people out there who have had great success with their service.

    Right now I’m with the entry-level myDSL, after downgrading from their 2mbps plan (don’t ask). I’ve gotten a fairly consistent 40-45 kbps out of it so I’m not complaining; at least in this case, I got exactly what I paid for. I feel really bad for the people who seem cursed with bad internet service, because we don’t have nearly enough options throughout the city to allow you to “shop around,” so to speak.

    This btw, brings me to the point of my comment, which is that _location_ is a lot more important than the ISP you choose. Because I live in a mini-tech-hub (where you get wi-fi walking around in the street), the internet service is a lot more reliable regardless of who is providing it. Anywhere else, you’re pretty much at the mercy of the physical conditions of your surroundings (old cabling, overloaded phone boxes, etc).

  • jhay

    @ mparaz: just in case your question was for me, hehe

    I don’t know if Globelines broadband/dsl (is there a diff?) allows sharing but they gave me 4-port ethernet modem/router so I guess you could plugin three more PCs to use the connection.

    I tried it out by connecting my sister’s desktop and everything worked fine, they both had the same connection speeds.

  • reactor

    in response to jp_loh

    as far as I know, PLDT is the only one who doesn’t have a direct peering with other telco’s/service providers. You can, connect to the PhIX, a PLDT exchange for a fee, but i heard you can only go as high as 8Mbps, correct me if i am wrong. This is the reason why traffic destined from a network to PLDT would have to go somewhere else to make it happen. This is saddening because this limits the interconnectivity of local users. This just shows that they really want a monopoly as much as they can legally. I wish the NTC would create memorandums in the future regarding interconnections between telco’s/service providers with regards to data communications.

  • ppdolina

    i’m one of the few “satisfied” pldt mydsl subscribers. this is after the fact i hammered their email, 173 number & approached PLDT technicians off the street.

    to get their attention and give you the proper service you deservee you have to politely suggest to them what they should do. mosto f the CSRs tend to have no power and are there just to collect complaints. THey also serve as a buffer for really irrate customers. Being nice to them is also a plus cause they can screw you big time and delay your repair til you loose all your hair.

    Since restoring my service due to a rat eating the fiber in my neighborhood I’ve been getting what I deserve. Consistent 256KB/s during the day and bursting to 600KB/s in the early mornings.

    I just pray my good fortune continues.

  • ppdolina:

    What package did you get?

    Im having a down of 600-700 kbps 24/7 and up of 300-400 kbps

  • Ohhhhh! Yep I’m currently subscribed to MyDestiny and it started few days ago (almost a week) and do you think the cable guys (even the representative) LIED to me?

    I was asking if the IP address that I would be acquiring would be static – and they opposed saying it would be a dynamic IP address. I wonder how would it be DYNAMIC? AND, how you guys check the bandwidth that you are getting from the ISP?

    So far so good with the connection on the internet. Though there are some lapses (delays/prolonged) on website loading. Hmn.

  • @migs – anong IP block mo sa belltel? 202.86?

  • yup, entire Belltel IP network is on 202.86.x.x. I’m on 202.86.200.x.

  • @migs – kung may router ka, try mo i-connect. Makakakuha ka ng 202.128.xxx.xxx na Destiny IP. Mas mabilis at stable. ๐Ÿ˜€ Pero syempre secret lang natin yun ๐Ÿ˜› Ganyan kasi nangyari sa kaibigan ko na naka belltel. Nilagyan lang nya ng router, naging destiny IP nya.

  • jash

    magkano monthly fee ng destiny? iba pa ba yong fee sa cable connection?

  • pinoyako


    you may already have the answer but residential costs around 1700/month and I think there’s an initial fee of 2400. iba pa yung cable.


  • I called their customer service earlier this month, as I am interested in having their service installed at the new place i’ll be renting.

    The representative mentioned that they have Plan 999 now for residentials, and the speed is burstible up to 2MBps if i remember it correctly (or was it just 1MBps?)

    Anyways, I just want to ask anyone there who uses the service. Is the service good nowadays? Can you easily download from bittorrent clients such as Azureus? How about downloading from Clubbox (Korean site which provides a regular 50kbps download on movies and everything).

    Thanks, i’d be looking forward to hearing from anyone regarding this matter. Cheers!

  • Joanne

    hi! i’ve been with destiny for almost a year now and all i can say is that destiny’s service is BAD!! the plan P1600 monthly is too expensive for their crappy service!!

    gggrrrrr :/

  • mya

    Their service sucks. Pretty much the worst ISP or cable internet. At least other providers offer customer support. MyDestiny doesn’t even have that. Your fingers will just get cramped calling the whole day to get through to an agent. It’s been almost a month since my connection was installed and until now the connection is unstable and sometimes, I don’t even have connection at all. It’s very slow at times and it gets disconnected very frequently. If you have other choices, do not even consider getting MyDestiny.

  • my destiny is the worst of the worst!

    bills never failed…connection never worked!

    infact we will simply run away from their service. anyways, they never answered to my emails nor sms / calls.

    totally f**ked P1600 for nothing. dang, we’re better off burning money — literally!


  • MeMO


    I terminated my service with Destiny in November 2004, and had informed their collector about it and called their office. Even then their service was crappy. We couldn’t access even just our Destiny emails, much less surf the net. Guess what, mid-2006 I got a demand letter from their collection agent for the December 2004 and January 2005 period, at which time I was already using another ISP. I wrote back to the collector and attached copies of the relevant documents. I thought that settled that. However just before Christmas I got a another demand letter from a different collector. They are harassing me to pay for the DEc 2004 and Jan 2005 when I was no longer using their service. Better make sure that you document your termination of service with them otherwise they will hassle you.

  • mark

    I’ve been a belltel subscriber for more than one and a half year. I’ve encountered some downtimes but if the link is up, My connection can go as high as 1 Mbps(on bittorrent). You can also switch from belltel network and destiny switch by mac address clone on your router.

  • not just that I think even their admins do some crazy stuff like downloading movies and such. I saw a blog that says mydestiny is hosting illegal files maybe their admins forgot to delete those files http://uruha.org/article/view/1cebe7b32d738752563d4a687807cc4e

  • ramy nieves

    I just discontinued the service of mydestiny this january. their customer support is really crap. they never answer in 20 minutes or less despite their claim.They’ll just hold off your complaints with “we’ll recommend a rebate” but i never got any. The bills were always exact, faster than their connection. Bandwidth is also an issue, if you check your connection from reputable servers you’ll find out that your connection is really slow. Its like being cheated of the speed you should be getting. stay away from destiny!

  • fenix

    These Telcos are cheating us because our laws don’t protect us. Our lawmakers and NTC are under their payrolls. That’s the truth.

  • Goodbye MyDestiny

    I have never regretted leaving MyDestiny in 2003. In my almost 4 years of ZPDee service, I’ve been dissatisfied with ZPDee’s service only 3 times (one of which involved almost 2 weeks of no internet for half of their cable internet subscribers). In my almost 4 years of MyDestiny service, I believe the problems occurred once every 2 months. Takes a long time to answer their custserv line (would you believe — 40 minutes on queue!), and no one having any straight answers. It doesn’t matter that they won the Consumers Union of the Philippines ISP of the Year award 3x — all these consumer awards are paid for anyway.

    Bottom line: anyone except MyDestiny.

  • Richard

    I am currently here in US but reading your blogs seemed to confuse me especially those guys who are talking about the IP address and you can “literally” change your IP by putting a router.

    Technically, if you are on DSL or Cable internet, your IP may be static or dynamic. It depends on the settings of your ISP. But you are identified via your modem’s MAC address when login. So, if you just buy from any computer shop another modem and change your modem without trying to notify your ISP, you won’t be able to connect because what is registered to your ISP is the MAC address of your modem. Once the modem is identified, the ISP will issue an IP address and if the IP address has not expired yet, you will be issued the same address as the previous one. But if you know how to tweak or cheat, you can issue a command to your ISP (this is mostly a higher programming skills) and force request another new IP address.

    With regards to the router, the router is connected to the modem and since the router can connect about 4 PC’s using ethernet cables and up to 20 (I think) of wireless connection, the router itself issues a different IP address to each PC but this IP address is only internal to the router to identify which PC is requesting which data. But externally, the router’s IP address is basically the IP address your ISP issued to you.

    Routers doesn’t change the IP address that is issued to you by your ISP.

    I hope this clears every thing else.

  • TheGerman

    MyDestiny is total crap. At prime time hours (early mornings like 2-5 AM) I get around 60 – 120 Kbps, where I remember just few month ago it was always around 1 MBps.

    Its horrible slow most of the time. The few moments a little speed is comming back (around 450 Kbps if you are lucky) the latency is killing you.


    World of Warcraft Online
    MyDestiny 800 – 2400 ms
    MyDSL (PLDT) 320 – 480 ms
    Sky Z. 280 – 380 ms

    Similar results with other online games
    like Everquest II, Horizons, SWG, GW… u name it. If you want to play any of those you can’t use MyDestiny because latency is more important then speed. Latency over 500ms
    starts to be crappy. At 800 and more you can
    forget Online Games, it is not more playable.

    If you ping from a MyDestiny connection there own Destiny website you get 500 – 900 ms. What a joke !
    In comparison if you ping from Sky connection to the Sky website its just 40 – 80 ms !!! and from Sky to Destiny website 120 ms. LOL Sky can access Destiny website much faster then Destiny itself…

    Under the line:
    AVOID MyDestiny as much as you can.

    And yes there service is crappy. For sure that award is bought, so typical here in the Philippines – so sad…

  • duh

    Just go to there forums (http://www2.mydestiny.net/myforum/index.php) and you’ll see the mounting complaints of their subscribers… and who is more legible to comment/give ffedback on the services the company provides but the subscribers themselves.

    Totally shameful service.

  • ghost3128

    I’m also a subscriber of Destiny Cable Internet and their service is awful, It’s difficult to download a decent file especially large files like downloading a 100mb file and the transfer rate is 8kbps and the rate of transfer keeps on decreasing to 0.5kbps.

    There are times that my connection gets cut off, one time I can’t even access yahoo to check on my email.

  • baltik

    hi, i’m currently using smartbro ISP and also having problems with connections expecially during 3pm-12mn (i don’t know if this is for the wholeday, since this is the only time i surf) and already planning to switch with globelines broadband, was there any reviews regarding globe ISP (not the globequest – i think its too expensive)….so far i haven’t heard/read any bad reviews about the globelines braodband, i’ve already search the internet for a blog about it but would also like to hear it from you since you were already veteran in this field.

  • jan

    MyDestiny sure sucks! We’ve unfortunately subscribed to mydestiny as it’s the exclusive DSL provider in our condo (we didn’t have much choice). The promises they gave were obviously all lies. They said that the speed was at 512kbps burstible to 1meg but that’s not true. First, they told us after they’ve installed that the 512kbps is for CORPORATE account only and not for residential use (an absolute misrepresentation!). Second, they said that the speed nevertheless is burstible to 1meg. Another [email protected]! We haven’t experienced good connection since the time subscribed! We made it clear that we’ll be using it for online games and we never had a decent latency! And to top that, we tried connecting after midnight and the connection is no better. Third, they promised that they’ll go fiber optic by February or March and still (as expected), nothing happened. Fourth, THERE IS NO WAY TO CONTACT THEM WHEN YOU NEED THEM!!! Try calling them any time of the day, you’re lucky if you have someone talk to you on your 5th try. Even worse is the fact that THEYRE OUT OF REACH ON WEEKENDS!!! There’s nothing more I can wish for than that they close shop, fold up, and eat all the lies they made! I’m just waiting for the time that another provider gets into our condo. I hope this gets read by everyone! MYDESTINY SUCKS…. BIG TIME!

  • ghost3128

    Again I’m having difficulty in upadating my Ad-Aware SE anti-spyware, because Destiny is blocking the site, same thing happened a few months ago when I was trying to update my Spyware Blaster, few weeks ago I can’t access my email at yahoo.

    I really don’t know what is happening to this company the last time I’ve heard from their forum is people rather their employee at their company is on leave.

  • gilbert

    had both destiny and globelines sa bahay at the
    same time all I can say destiny is the better of two evils, pinaputol ko na yun globelines ko after 2 weeks. if you guys are complaining with destiny’s customer service you should try globelines mapapamura talaga kayo.

  • hehe

    hindi pala maganda ung service nila..di magpadisconnect na lang kau!!!..

  • hehe

    hindi pala maganda ung service nila eh.. di magpadisconnect na lang kau!!!..

  • anon

    seriously… have you guys actually tried globelines broadband?! mapapamura kayo sa kabulukan! hahaha!

  • Kay L

    i think maybe it’s because of the recent earthquake at taiwan.. for mydestiny cable internet users..

  • actually mydestiny.net had a jaguar speed of connection its almost 5mb downstream to me.. not other broadband company who promising of high speed and more stabled but got VERY SLOW bandwith .. about ur condo problem check ur router if ur using rotuer maybe ur WIFI is on pls dont fool ur self check ur or or else check ur brain maybe u got disorder problem no insults!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Actually not all ISP is perfect, kahit nmn tao wala ring perfect. wag kasi kayo maghanap ng perfection in life, tayo kasing mga filipino masyadong reklamador wala nmng ginagawa para sa ikabubuti. kung kayo ganyan ang mga reklamo niyo sa LOCAL ISP natin aba e di wag nlng kayo magpakabit ng internet para di kayo magreklamo mawawalan pa kayo ng sakit ng ulo. basta ako masaya ako sa speed na nakukuha ko sa mydestiny internet, may ilang area lang kasi na talamak ang nakawan at nag ta tap ng connection kaya naapektuhan ang connection niyo, ehh kung tayong mga Filipino may disiplina e di di magkakaroon ng ganyang problema.,….

  • hi, we’ve recently moved to a condo in Xavier Hills, Quezon City and practically the only wired broadband allowed is MyDestiny, just want to check how is their service doing now?.. they say we have an option to go wireless with smart.. so before i make the mistake im gathering as much info as i can.. thanks in advance!

  • teddy

    I moved to a Condo unit which only had the SBC MyDestiny ISP available (cable TV as well). Upon further inquiry with Bayantel and PLDT, It was not physically impossible to a different ISP service but rather more of a Condo Admin-Destiny tie-up of sorts. (The admin did mention that since destiny spent for the cable wiring, they had no choice but to sign up).

    After moving in, I called up Destiny Tech Support to report a crawling internet whereby they mentioned that i’ve been dropping packets because my modem was probably messed up due to a virus from another user in the building. “So, What i have in my unit is NOT a modem” and got the reply “it’s more of a router.” “Can i get my own modem if i get a corporate account?” I asked, “Yes, sir.” was the reply.

    I believe that after paying the regular rates for an ISP, I deserve my own modem and not have to share bandwidth with the whole building. So

    Though my knowledge on the hardware is limited, I do savvy enough to know that each subscriber should have their own modem PER individual subsciption (residential) and not a shared modem which is tantamount to an extension. The question is, am i being cheated and by whom? The ISP, the Building admin? or both?

  • ted

    I moved to a Condo unit which only had the SBC MyDestiny ISP available (cable TV as well). Upon further inquiry with Bayantel and PLDT, It was not physically impossible to a different ISP service but rather more of a Condo Admin-Destiny tie-up of sorts. (The admin did mention that since destiny spent for the cable wiring, they had no choice but to sign up).

    After moving in, I called up Destiny Tech Support to report a crawling internet whereby they mentioned that i’ve been dropping packets because my modem was probably messed up due to a virus from another user in the building. “So, What i have in my unit is NOT a modem” and got the reply “it’s more of a router.” “Can i get my own modem if i get a corporate account?” I asked, “Yes, sir.” was the reply.

    I believe that after paying the regular rates for an ISP, I deserve my own modem and not have to share bandwidth with the whole building. So

    Though my knowledge on the hardware is limited, I do savvy enough to know that each subscriber should have their own modem PER individual subsciption (residential) and not a shared modem which is tantamount to an extension. The question is, am i being cheated and by whom? The ISP, the Building admin? or both?

  • francis

    i had also recieve such a BULLSH** service from GLOBE ……nagapply aq ng GLOBE wireless speak n’ surf last saturday at ParkSquare2

    …i paid an advance MSF and they gave the equipment [wireless modem and phone] , i was glad to know that it was fast and excited to use it as soon as possible [i’m also currently using Bayantel’s broadband service which is starting to get SLOWWW] …..when i went home i plug the modem, read the manual to ensure everything would be fine…….only to find out that it doesnt work…..

    i called their CS and was told that i dont have an account on their system [CRAP 1] and that it would take 24-48hours for activation [which the globe personnel at ParkSquare2 did not inform me [CRAP2]

    after 24 hrs. i called CS again…the CS agent was able to pull up ”my” acct and told me that it was already activated, the agent provided me a username,password and my phone [which was also not provided by the Parksquare personnel [CRAP3]….the agent then asked me of my acct number which appears on the application frm…when agent verified other information,he then knew that the acct and all the information he provided WAS NOT MINE but rather my uncle’s [CRAP4] …..my uncle and i had te same first and last name but not with the birthdate, middle name nor the address which he asked and i had provided on the start of the call…..why in the hell he pulled up the wrong acct and even provided the login information.

    i called again after that non sense call,,,,,and was told that it would take 5-7 days [which is which? dont they have the same info for the timeframe [CRAP5]

    sunday afternoon i went to Parksquare2 again to fix the problem…they told me that my broadband application was added to my uncle’s acct [huh? they are SO STUPID to do that….on the application form that i’ve submitted is my information and also on the requirements ……DONT THEY KNOW HOW TO READ [CRAP6]….and EVEN THEM DOESNT KNOW THE PHONE NUMBER ASSIGNED TO ME [CRAP7]….they told me that they’ll call me at 6pm on my cellphone for the assigned phone number but 6pm had passed …a day had passed but still i had not receive any call from them [CRAP8]

    …….to make this short it’s wednesday….5 daysss had passed….i’ve made a lot of cs calls and a bunch of moron cs agents had answered me and still my account was not activated and still cant use the phone ad the internet service i’ve paid for…….if later i still wouldnt be able to use it….

    …….thats it !!! sa kanila nlng useless modem and phone nila!!!

  • Shellie

    I was once a PLDT DSL subscriber, had it disconnected to switch to MyDestiny.

    A very wrong decision…connection is intermittent, we even had a week of no service last August 2007.

    Call customer support, reps will answer after 10 minutes or more.Tapos ganun pa rin, paulit-ulit lang problema. Hindi naaayos.

  • ellen lopez

    Ever heard of BellTel? It’s a cable internet service provider. I’ve been with them for more than a year and though they may have technical difficulties once in a while, customer/technical support is very good. The service is a bit pricey, though. I pay P2,126.00 per month. It comes with cable tv service.

  • Is it fast playing http://canz.net using mydestiny?

  • Kris

    @dindo: yes. mabilis ang canz.net kesa sa mga ibang flash sites

  • Ren

    With regards to internet speed its above average although sometimes it gets so slow which I believe slow speed connections sometimes cannot be avoided. what pissed me off and really disappoints me was just last week ( Dec. 5, 2007 until just today Dec 9, 2007 @ around 4:00 o’clock to be exact!) I had no connection!! I even got tired hearing same reasons and it seems they have a very poor “after service”, slow action on problems reported to their office, and sometimes I hardly reached their land line to report the problem. What an experience!

  • sherwin

    so what is the best internet service provider ba for you guys? am looking at zpdee, but cable din siya… left pldt plan 999 since putol nang putol – would it help to upgrade to a higher plan ba? appreciate all feedbacks

  • Angie

    From PLDT DSL, I switched to MyDestiny cable internet, since I was unhappy with PLDT. At first it was okay. Then came the frequent signal interruption of Destiny. The last month, I was barely able to connect at all. Worse is that DESTINY’S CUSTOMER SERVICE/TECHNICAL SUPPORT is CRAP. They don’t reply to your emails. Tech support sounds irritable (the janitor was the only polite person in that office, I talked to him). They never inform me they every time they have signal problems (very often). I had to be the one to call them all the time. Those who’ve been with Destiny know how often you have to call them due to signal interruption (very frequent, I tell you). DESTINY IS THE WORST ISP EVER.

    Aahh, that felt good, releasing all that anger. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m back with PLDT MyDSL now. I’m happier with it now. ๐Ÿ™‚



  • josh

    My Destiny? Ok lang minsan pag 2am until morning but entire day hwag ka nang umasa pa for chatting at e-mailing lang magagawa nyo but if you’re planning to watch video streaming like you tube and downloading sayang lang ang P999 a month kung tulog na kayo ng 2am.

  • myDestiny Connection is so slow and their customer service is so incompetent!

  • Allan

    So far i have the most BAD EXPERIENCE with MY DESTINY ISP. They are slow in almost everything, unreliable and unprofessional. They have alot of nos. you can call but most of them are inactive and it keeps changing. The speed is awful you can only watch videos when its 4am-9am the rest huh! forget about it. Better stay with the big isp companies because so far this is the worst.

  • Bonanza

    ok… packetloss GRABE… response ng customer support ANG TAGAL… ANG GALING LANG MAG BILL NG MGA GAGONG TO. nakakairita!!! dati nakaka 500 – 1.5mb/sec pa ako sa pag download tapos dahan dahan ng bumaba ngayon di na ako maka rating ng 100 LOL. bulok nyo talaga mydestiny sobrang bulok.

  • yeah thats true….im using mydestiny cable internet in my internet shop but its horrible,it reach 3 days or one week not having an internet connection,i should get a back up on this and ‘sayang” i should had think hundred times when i choose mydestiny pra hndi na sayang ang pera ko

  • just imagine they are giving lots of numbers (customer support) but its all crappy and shit! just imagine no one will answer on you calls!!!hayyzzz..if only i can turn back time dadavono donya and aloha?

  • Lesley Macapas

    I’m using Skybroadband, and i haven’t had decent service for almost 3 months of the 4 months i’ve been with them. Sa umpisa lang sila maganda, once you’re hooked, service detoriates. As in really bad, we’re talking no connection at all almost the whole time. I’m already going to consult a lawyer about what i can do to them after all the physical, financial and emotional stress they gave to me. I don’t know what the outcome is, but these companies shouldn’t be allowed to get away with stealing our hard-earned money and time. If you know anybody who’s mad enough to sue, contact me and we might stand a better chance with a class suit if they know we’re really serious. Thanks!

  • ktd

    Got a globelines 3mb line so i could play online games like wow but the ping is high so gaming sucks. This is globelines top of the line dsl and it sucks azz for gaming. Latency in game is usually in the 350ms to 650ms range but of course it get much higher at times. Even pinging http://www.globelines.com.ph the ping is average 281ms.

    Ping test results to a node less than 50 miles away.


    Grade D – Most online applications will not perform well but should function in some capacity.

    Globelines DSL sucks

  • j

    Globelines has a good internet service bundled with landline… but their customer service destroys it all.
    We were using Globelines for the past 3 years and each year, we have 2 or 3 times when we lose connection. It takes a gazillion times to call for them to check on the service. They’d come 2-4 weeks after.
    A month before Ondoy hit Manila, our service–both internet and landline was down. It has never been restored since then. In October 2009, they gave us a new landline number and told us it will be restored in November. Whoa! Its now May 2010 and nothing is working! To add insult to injury, they billed us, and take note, sent us a demand letter to settle our bills for months when none of their services are working! All these after their Customer Representatives assured us time and again that we will not be billed while their services are down.
    Sad to say, we are not an isolated case. Most of our neighbors in our building have the same sad story about Globelines. We live in Makati. Too bad, Globelines lost a lot of loyal subscribers because of this….


    Globe Broadband 1mbps plan (Marikina area) is not worth your money. Connection is very slow and you can’t watch a decent youtube video since buffering is snail-paced. I called 211 to request them to terminate my plan since there was no internet connection for 2 weeks. Actually, I called 5 times and I talked to 5 different CS but they wouldnt terminate my subscription since they want to send a technical crew first to our house to check the problem. So I said ok, I waited 5 times in a row to wait for the technical crew but nobody came. I inquired with 211 on why no technical crew came to our house, the CS informed me that the technical crew listed in their report that the job was fixed and done. I went to Globe the next day at Gateway Mall and terminated my subscription at their office directly. Good riddance Globe

  • Cinch Yu

    I complained two days ago regarding my MyDestiny Cable TV connection, shows stops for a few seconds and sometimes he voice is delayed than the action. It is intermittent. The cable service man arrived after two days (well after my 3 follow ups) and told me that the problem is my TV. I just bought my TV about 3 months ago. The service man is very rude in explaining to me the problem. Why do have a rude tech support people who doesnt really do their supporting? I still believe its their line that has a problem. He asked me that by just looking at the TV he knows already that their line has no problem… that’s a lot of crap.

    • load of crap indeed. he thinks you would believe anything he said. did he say what’s wrong with the tv? lahat naman ng cable out pare pareho eh.

  • natasha

    All I can say is my destiny cable internet have a lock on a single computer. And it sucks every time I have to use other laptop I can’t connect to the internet and I have to contact the service provider always