myGlobe IMEVRYWHR Mobile Application

Globe Telecom has introduced a new mobile application called IMEVRYWHR. It lets subscribers of Globe Telecom to exchange text, images, and even voice messages to other Globe subscribers who are using the IMEVRYWHR client via a GPRS or 3G connection. You must first the download the application from their website or wapsite. Once installed, you will have access to unlimited voice, text, and photo messaging for as low as P20.00 a day.

It’s initially available to selected Nokia Symbian handsets (Nokia 3230, Nokia 6260, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6670, Nokia 7610, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6680, Nokia 6681, Nokia N90, Nokia N70) and a myGlobe username is required. To know more about myGlobe IMEVRYWHR, text IM to 2222 for FREE or visit their webpage here.

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  • Have you used it?

    I don’t have a Globe 3G phone to test it with.

    I guess it’s similar to Yahoo Go Mobile since they were made by the same vendor, fastmobile.

  • @miguel – yup. My 6600 can barely move. This app is a resource hog for an old phone. I haven’t tried Yahoo Go since Globe blocks prepaid users from using it. :~(

  • That’s too bad, I think Globe thought that IM should be something fancy, instead of something simple and functional.

    About Yahoo! Go – what happens, can’t connect? Well on Smart postpaid, it doesn’t even work all the time. I’m on an N70.

    So, are Pinoys ready for Mobile Instant Messaging?

  • interesting business model. 20 php for unlimited voice, text and photo messaging. this is pretty good as it forces users to get higher end phones and push 3G usage.

    will ARPU really increase? will people take up this service given the S60-only compatibility at this time. only time will tell.

    a j2me client should be in the making.

  • The odd thing is that nobody seems to be talking about IMEVRYWHR in blogs. Not enough buzz!

  • Linofer Maranan

    I installed to my N70 and it’s working, but when i tried to installed to my Nokia 6630, theres an error “Connection failed (GMX GPRS). Make sure your phone have GPRS.”
    Why I encountered this error?

  • I guess it means: do you have working GPRS on the 6630?

  • IMEVRYWHR TV Commercial from Harrison Communications.

  • I was thinking about getting a Globe S40 phone, but it won’t run IMEVRYWHR!

  • tecbarrera

    The problem with this is that it runs on the 3G network. I used to have my N91 on Dual Network, but the signal kept cutting out (around Quezon City and Marikina) and the service often wouldn’t let me send text messages (which kind of explains the need for IMEVRYWHERE). In the end, I just switched my phone to GSM mode. Working fine now. I guess Globe just isn’t ready to handle it’s 3G customers yet. Also, how’s the payment for this service? Do you have to pay for data transmission?

  • tecbarrera

    Scratch my last question about pricing.

    Subscriptions to myGlobe IMEVRYWHR:
    1 day = P 20.00
    7 days = P 120.00
    30 days = P 500.00

    For these prices you might as well just stick with UNLIMITXT. Same price anyway.

  • From the recent turn of events I assume that Globe would eventually want to shut off unlimited SMS. As for the IM requirements, it doesn’t require 3G, just data (GPRS or EDGE).