MyMusicStore now open for business is now open for business. Attended by local artists yesterday, MyMusicStore which is an online music store officially launched its website. Filipino artists like Bamboo, Ely Buendia, Richard Poon and Gary Valenciano were there to grace and support the event.


MyMusicStore offers very affordable music in the form of MP3 file format which you can download for as low as Php20.00. Yes, for less than a dollar, you can now start listening to your favorite music and you can boast that what you have in your playlist is not illegal. 🙂

The most budget friendly song starts at Php20 while the more premium and popular ones is at Php35. If you are a follower of a band or solo artists like Richard Poon or Gary V, you can download their entire album at the MyMusicStore. The lower-priced songs are OPMs to make it easy for Filipinos to support the local music industry while the higher priced ones are from international artists.

Now, how do we purchase?


The guys at MyMusicStore have three different ways. One is by credit card but if you’re not comfortable using it for online purchases, you can use your phone’s load. You can do mobile payment using your Smart load. Lastly, you can also pay via Paypal.

Right now you can only purchase music via their website which will be downloaded to your hard drive. They’re coming up with an app for the iOS and Android which lets you download music while on the go.

I was told that when you buy your song, you have 24 hours to download and re-download (in case you lose the file) your MP3. After that, you have to buy the song again. So having your hard drive crash without backup won’t be a good thing. I wish they would just tag the songs you purchased so you can download it wherever you are whenever you want to.

Currently, the store has about 160,000 songs available for sale and more than 10 local labels which include Alpha Music, EMI, GMA Records, MCA Music, Star Records and many more.

Another thing, I hope the store would undergo some sort of redesign. It looks old-fashioned and amateurish in its current state that it’s hard to take it seriously. Most of the images aren’t high-quality either. is managed by MobileCash Inc. and Rising Tide Mobile Entertainment Inc. Together, they teamed up to create the biggest online digital music store in the Philippines, focusing on making music affordable and accessible, and delivering quality service to music lovers everywhere.

Check their Facebook page here which already has 10k followers since it was launched last week. You can also follow them on twitter – @mymusicstoreph.

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  • Les

    What is the quality of the mp3s?

  • StratoSpHere

    Hopefully maganda. Idol ko pa naman si Ely Buendia ahehehe.

  • doms

    Nice marketing strategy. You would think that P25 or P35 for a single legal song is really cheap but do the math folks. A single album consist of an average of 18 songs. Anyways good thinking kudos! 😀

    • hindi naman lahat ng song sa isang album laging magugustuhan mo eh.

  • jay

    namili ako 1 gary v song. hindi na muna ulit ako bibili until meron option na yun nga ma d download ko kahit kelan yun nabili ko na na song. like itunes, yun purchased song or app basta nabili mo na, ma re re-download mo na yun forever.

  • Onnie

    I downloaded one song “Fearless” by Yssa. I was so disappointed because the Mp3 has some very audible glitches. I emailed them using their support facility but no reply as of now. If this is the way they treat their customers, I don’t think they can get many. I was planning on buying lots of Mp3s pa naman. 🙁

  • Dezza Tan

    Hello, I would just like to know if there’s a way to contact them ’cause I need to interview someone for a research paper regarding online buying of music. Thank you, please reply ASAP if possible.