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NBA 2K13 now available in the Philippines thanks to X-Play

What IGN calls “œpossibly the greatest sports game of all-time” is finally here. X-Play Online Inc. brings to us 2K Sports’ NBA 2K13, a couple of days after it was launched worldwide.

nba 2k13

2K Sports joined forces with multi-platinum recording artist Jay-Z, who serves as the Executive Producer of NBA 2K13. He’s responsible for the game’s 24-song soundtrack and contributed to the game’s interactive menu, pregame intro, and more.

NBA 2K13 brings us the Control Stick which lets you do all dribble moves, shooting, passing, and post moves all in the right analog stick. With the Dynamic Shot Generator, shots are dynamically created on the fly and collision physics created in real-time.

Each player now has their own signature skills which you will definitely notice and take advantage in-game. Players are modeled to impact the game in their own unique way, from Derrick Rose as a “œFloor General” to Kevin Durant being “œThe Closer.” And maybe Meta World Peace as “œThe Flagrant”. Hehehe.

“œWe’re very excited to launch such a prestigious game here in the Philippines and we’re thrilled to be working with 2K Sports,” said Miguel Bauza, vice president of marketing for X-Play. “œWe will be going around the country to engage the millions of NBA 2K Filipino fans out there with awesome tournaments and raffle prizes.”

new dynasty raffle promo

NBA 2K13 is now available in the Philippines for PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system (P2,595), Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft (P2,495), PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system (P1,895), and Windows PC (P1,995).

You can register the X-Play code found on your box to stand a chance in winning raffle prizes from X-Play’s New Dynasty Raffle Promo. Check out the X-Play website for more details about this promo.

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  • ART

    mahirap,ang controls sa android…

  • khest

    Everytime i finish my first game it freezes!! please help me!!

    • PC ba yan? or PS3?

      • khest

        xbox 360 mr.calvin..

  • Griswold

    Playin in right now! And enjoyin it especially yung career mode. grabe daming factors para gumaling.