Neat Firefox Addons

I just loaded my Firefox with an IE tab and after installing it, I searched for some interesting Firefox addons that seems to be useful to me and here’s what I’ve gathered:

IE Tab. We all have to admit this. We cannot give up our Internet Explorer browser. Why? Because there are certain pages that won’t load in Firefox. However, with the IE tab addon, you could now load the pages in an IE tab within your Firefox browser.

Session Saver. What would you do if you were researching on something and suddenly, someone accidentally pulled the plug? Of course the answer here is not to strangle the person for it will not do any good. Thus, here comes Session Saver. It is like setting a restore point.

Translate. If the web page you’re visiting happens to be in a different language and you’re already in a limbo on how you will have it translated without having to call for a translator, then this addon would be indeed useful for you.

GMail Space. This is like using your GMail as an external hard drive. For instance, you want to take some files with you at home. And the problem is you do not have a hard drive with you. You could use GMail Space to store your files then download it again.

Copy Plain Text. I could simply call this as the plagiarist’s favorite. Why? Because they don’t have to reformat the text in MS Word after pasting it.

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  • i have one extension i would like to comment here but i feel like its giving out the surprise im cooking for my site..

    i feel so devilish..

  • nightfall

    Some extension you might want to have if you’re a blogger.Especially if you’re blogging from the office!:-)

    JustBlogIt 0.3
    Deepest Sender 0.7.6
    Digg This! 0.31
    BlogThis 0.3

    I got 82 installed extension on my firefox and still adding more. Im an add-on addict!!

  • baluga01

    Until today, we can’t drop microsoft technologies over the web. Let’s start killing microsoft. They are wasting our money!

  • dw2

    i do recommend this add-ons

    Adblock Plus
    block those ads away!

    Adblock Filterset.G Updater
    Automatic fiterset updater for adblock

    Performance and network tweaks for Firefox.

    IE View
    Better than IE Tab, IE Tabs crashes on me,
    IE View runs IE, not as a tab.. I just use
    this to login at metrobankdirect šŸ™

    PDF Download
    Your choice to save or view the PDFs

  • Other extensions I consider as “essential:”

    Noscript – java script security
    Flashgot – quicker downloads
    tabbrowser preferences – for the power tab user