Neo B5702 quad-core laptop trade-in promo, how does Php25k sound?

Most tech-savvy people don’t really notice Neo when looking for a laptop even though they have the most affordable price in the market. But when you see a 14-inch quad-core laptop go for as low as Php25k and you can get rid of your aging laptop, people will bound to notice.


The Neo B5702 is a quad-core laptop that is powered by the 2nd generation Sandy Bridge Intel Core i7-2630QM (2GHz) processor. Not the old Core i7 mind you. It is a full-sized 14-inch laptop packed with a 4GB RAM, 640GB hard drive and all the basic ports you need on your laptop.

It does however, comes with only Windows Home Basic as its OS. Not sure if it’s 32-bit but see if the Neo store can hook you up with a 64-bit to make full use of the Core i7 and the 4GB RAM. Then it doesn’t have any sort of discrete graphics so it’s not suitable as a gaming laptop. It works well though for multimedia editing thanks to its true quad core. The SRP of the Neo B5702 is at Php34,999.

Ok so what do you need to do to get it at the Php24,999 price? Here’s the important part so read carefully:

If you have an old Neo, working or not, you can have it trade in and get the Php10,000 discount. However, if you have a different brand laptop, again working or not, you can still trade it in for an Php8,000 discount. This trade-in period has a small window, from November 4 to 7, so better act fast. You can only avail of this promo at the Neo showrooms in SM Megamall, SM North EDSA, SM Cebu, and NCCC Davao.

Neo B5702 Specs:

  • Intel®Coreâ„¢ i7-2630QM Processor
  • 2.0 GHz, 6MB Cache
  • Genuine Windows® Home Basic
  • 4GB DDR3 Memory
  • 640GB Hard Drive
  • Intel HD Graphics 3000
  • 14.0″ HD (1366×768) LED Backlit
  • DVDRW SuperMulti
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • 6-Cell Smart Li-ion Battery
  • HDMI Output
  • 802.11 b/g/n WiFi
  • Less than 2.3Kg
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  • now where can i find a defective laptop in

    • Les

      I have an old working laptop, selling it for 3K and you still get a 5k discount for that Neo core i7. Anyone interested, just post your contact details below.

  • wewe

    I’ve never been a fan of Neo. I don’t find it worthy since most of the people I know who owns Neo laptops regrets buying one. One problem after another emerges. DURABILITY IS A BIG problem.

  • froilan

    not a big fan as well of neo. but getting a core i7 laptop for less that 15K??!! that’s awesome in any way we think. what a market strategy…but yes of course, neo is not known for DURABILITY.

  • Jao Madn

    Wow i7 laptop with a price so low…
    The only problem i saw in laptop now is that even if you have powerfull processor, video card, harddisk, the very drawback is the battery. laptop purpose mainly is portability but the problem this generation laptop now is the battery can’t keep up with the other parts as an example.

    Processors – High end processors will consume lots of power specially if your using also a high end application like photoshop etc.

    Video card – video card also has processors so combined it with the main processors plus the video card processors.

    Hard disk – laptop HD now has very large capacity but that will include also in the problem. The larger the capacity of the HD the longer the motor to scan the entire HD where the files located.

    So if youre using only facebook, chat, office work, internet. therefore consider what i mention above, buying things you dont need is a waste of money.

    • Griswold

      this is not a laptop you would probably bring out everyday. pambahay lang kasi nga of the battery.
      if you want long battery get the low-powered laptops/netbook. hindi kasi lahat ng tao long-battery life ang hanap sa laptop, may iba mas importante yung power.

  • tas

    sir calvin
    do you have a review on the performance and the build quality of this laptop?

    • no i don’t but performance should be fast except for high-end gaming. as for build quality, better check forums like TipidPC for feedback from Neo owners.

  • Wally Medalla

    woah!! COre i7!?? its better than my SONY VAIO VPCCW26FA having only the Core i5 Processor..

    wish it will be available in Leyte too.. hahaha.. maghahanap ako agad ng defective na laptop at ng ipambabayad sa NEO.. hahaha

    NEO is fine din naman just like other brands… depende lang kasi sa gumagamit nung unit kung magtatagal sya o hindi..

    kung d ka magandang magdala ng laptop o pc, madali lang masira.. pero kung marunong ka, kahit 10yrs aabot pa laptop o pc mo…hehehe

    • makisig

      you are right .i have a neo vivid 1190 since 2008 and it still running and kickin’ depends on the user.

  • Charm

    I just bought the B5700 today for 25K flat with Win7 starter. I had my netbook in tow ‘coz I thought I’d give it a shot. Guess what? No need to trade in shit and I didnt have to go to the North. I bought it in parksquare. Since, I have a WIN7 Ultimate, the seller told me he’d exchange it for a sleeve and upgade to 4GB…note the diff bet the B5700 and the B702 – diff of 10k in price and yet the other one is 2GB and the latter is 4GB and of course the 500 vs 600+ HDD. Still a good deal! I was a bit hesitant ‘coz of the brand ’til 2 of my techie friends approved, one of them used a Neo netbook. (We do tech support at a call center). BTW, performance: installed WIN7 Ultimate same time 1 ciggy was finished; the drivers were installed at the start of dinner and finished at the end of the meal; my dongle feels like I’m running DSL :D. Happy 13th month shopping guys!

    • joko

      Tanong q lng po qng ung usb port nya usb 2.0 or 3.0 po ba? 🙂