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Neo Elan L5756 High Performance Notebook Review

Neo Manufacturing and Services Inc. (Neo) is a Philippine-based manufacturer of personal computers. The brand was launched in May of 2003 alongside the PLDT CyberMadness event and the Notebooks followed later that year and was able to establish itself as the leading brand of Intel Centrino-based notebooks all the way to 2004. Neo sent us one of their laptops from the Élan series which is their performance line.

The Neo Élan L5756 is one heck of a machine. Look at its specs then look at the price, I bet you’ll ask the salesperson if he has the right price. The L5756 that we received has an Intel i7-2670QM (2.20 GHz, 6mb Cache) Processor, a whopping 8GB of DDR3 RAM, 750 gigs of hard drive space, and a dedicated Nvidia GeForce GT540M 2GB Graphics card. This might be one the best specs on a sub-40k laptop I’ve seen so far. You might find this too good to be true, but read on.


The Élan L5756 looks sleek with the glossy black finish and the subtle pinstripe. As with all glossy finish, it is a fingerprint magnet. It also doesn’t look cheap at all but with all the plastic, it feels fragile.

Neo Élan L5756 Neo Élan L5756

The interior has the same design as the lid and features the keyboard, a touch pad, the power button, a set of media buttons and the speakers. The Élan L5756 measures 340 (W) x 240 (D) x 25.1-31.2 (H) mm.

Neo Élan L5756 Neo Élan L5756

On the left side we can see the power adapter port, an Ethernet port, VGA and HDMI ports and 1 USB 2.0 port. You might notice that the HDMI and USB ports are a little bit depressed, this might cause some trouble for bulky USBs and HDMI adapters. However, my wireless mouse’s receiver sits in there perfectly and is out of harm’s way of accidentally tugging it.

Neo Élan L5756

On the right side we can see the microphone and headphone jacks, 2 more USB 2.0 ports and the DVDRW drive.


The screen is bright enough to read without discomfort but in my opinion, for an LED screen, it’s not bright enough. But if you will be using this mostly on a dimly-lit room then it won’t be a problem.

Neo Élan L5756

720p and 1080p movies look good on the 14″ screen, especially Avatar in 1080P, the landscapes are awesome, the colors pop-out and the contrast is great. I haven’t had an issue with gaming as there’s no ghosting and the screen can definitely cope with what’s happening. The viewing angle is something to consider too. If you’re more than 45 degrees to the right or left, the images start to wash out. It’s more than adequate though, since you’ll mostly be facing directly into the laptop unless you’re watching movies with 4 or more people. I suggest use the HDMI adapter and connect it to a bigger screen.


The speakers are on top of the keyboard and provide good audio when watching movies but for gaming, you’ll need a serious headset because you won’t be hearing where the footsteps are coming from with these speakers.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Neo Élan L5756 Neo Élan L5756

Now, these two areas of the machine are what I think Neo can really improve on. The keyboard is adequately spaced and uses a chiclet style form. I scored 104 wpm in a typing test, but it was very straining. We found the feedback not that responsive enough and sometimes keys don’t register. There’s also a bit of flexing since most of the chassis is plastic. The touch pad is distinguished by dots which is not smooth and also has input lag. The left and right mouse buttons are a bit stiff too, but it might become easier to press if used long enough. I have played games, even FPS, using a touch pad before but this one is hard to use. Gaming in the Élan L5756’s keyboard is not advisable unless you use separate peripheral accessories.


Now comes the interesting part of the review. This laptop is blazing-fast thanks to the four cores of the Intel i7-2670QM, and with Intel’s HyperThreading, you virtually get 8-cores.

Here’s a screenshot of the Windows Experience Index Rating:


Multi-tasking was very smooth since it has 8gb of DDR3 ram. I can open 30 tabs of graphics heavy websites and the system didn’t slow down at all.

The Élan L5756 is equipped with an Nvidia GT540M graphics card, which is an entry-level graphics card. Sure it has 2gb of memory, but the core speed and shader speeds are not enough to consider this laptop as a gaming laptop. It can run NBA 2k12 at 30FPS with all the settings maxed out though. It can play the latest games too, although you won’t get stunning visuals which you can only get with higher graphics cards you use on your PC.


The battery life is average, so to speak. It has a 6-cell battery which has a real-life performance of about 3 hours if you’re browsing thanks to Nvidia’s Optimus technology which automatically switches to the built-in graphics card in less intensive activities. If you’re gaming however and the dedicated graphics card kicks in, I was able to game for 45 minutes till it started nagging me to find another power source.


The Neo Élan L5756 is one powerful machine for the price you’re paying it for. The non-OS version can be bought for just Php35,999, while you have to add Php5,000 more to get Windows 7 Home Premium with it.

The performance is top-notch but we found the built quality to be somewhat lacking, something Neo definitely needs to address. It can play 720p and 1080p movies without fuzz and you can even hook it up to your large screen via HDMI. You can play games on it too, not hardcore ones though unless you’re fine with playing with the lowest settings most of the time. If you’re on a tight budget and looking for a quad-core i7 laptop with big storage then the Élan L5756 is for you. It is more of a multimedia powerhouse than a gaming laptop that can replace your aging desktop by hooking up your own monitor, keyboard and mouse.

– Powerful processor
– Entry-level discrete graphics card
– 8GB memory
– 750GB of Hard drive space
– Crazy affordable for its specs
– Screen is not bright enough
– Lack of USB 3.0 port
– Build quality needs improvement
– Short battery life
Neo Élan L5756 Specs:
Intel Core i7-2670QM, 2.20GHz, 6MB Cache
14" LED Display (1366×768)
DVDRW SuperMulti
WLAN: 802.11 b/g/n
LAN: Gigabit 10/100/1000 Mbps
Bluetooth 3.0
3 port x USB 2.0
1.3 MP Webcam
6-cell Li-ion battery
2.1 Kg
SRP: Php35,999 (Linux OS), Php40,999 (Windows Home 7 Premium)
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  • This unit is being sold at some store for just 30k. 😀

    • John

      Where? =D

      • u can visit their showrooms located at NEO SM MEgamall Cyberzone, SM North Edsa Annex Cyberzone, NCCC Mall DAvao, SM City Cebu…

  • Same question as John? Where can I find this model?

  • Anonymous

    Its pretty good for the price but I doubt the build will last quite long as opposed to more popular brands.

  • frank

    ok to kung may 30k nga. at hindi naman lahat ng neo madaling masira
    meron kasi yung lumang neo na mga pentiumD pa hangang ngayun gumagana parin. mabagal nga lang haha

    • kentoot

      yung akin po nasira kaagad…mag th2ree months plng…buti nlng under warranty pa…sana maayus kaagad…

      • same model as this one?

        • kentoot

          opo… neo elan din…

          • NEO elan user

            sakin 1year old na ngayon pero ok parin sya kahit minsan e 24hrs sya nka bukas kasi for downloading ..

      • joey

        tsk… as expected….

        • gregoria

          ako din po nasira agad. ung d cover daw wla sa warranty un.. kainis..

          my idea po ba kau kung magkano ung d cover?

  • Christopher Borja

    I hope somebody can try and make this a hackintosh – if it works, please let me know i’ll buy one. 🙂 Thanks!

  • joey

    nag-improve na kaya ang NEO? the features may be good but some of the components they’re using are sub-stds w/ regards sa older models nila. it’s either madaling masira ang letter/number keys, or madaling mabasag ang battery lock..

    • frida

      w/ the trend of comments here, seems Neo hasn’t changed a bit w/ the materials they’re using.

  • Geekz

    This NEO L5756 really rocks.. I just found this comment that’s why I decided to buy one. 4 months now enjoying and counting..

    “dati low end clevo units gamit ng NEO eh, pero sa model na ito mukhang hindi. iba rin yung bios/mobo info nung humingi ako ng screenshot (clarify ko lang, clevo barebones for me has the best consumer grade build quality and worth every penny, few notches below Lenovo/Dell business class notebooks)

    regarding sa USB 3, pag standard usb 2 – normal transfer rate regardless kung SSD or hdd ka is around 15mb/sec, with USB 3 umaabot ng 80mb/sec so malaking tulong sya pero hindi deal breaker na dahil walang usb 3 yung lappy eh hindi ko na bibilhin lol.”

    More feedback from Elan L5756 user here..

  • Jiron

    The chassis kinda looks a bit like an Asus. Maybe the ODM is Pegatron?

  • Griswold

    Madalas ko lang nakikitang complaint sa Neo is yung keyboard nila ang unang bumibigay. pero noon pa yun, sana naayos na nila ngayon.

    • The keyboard still is kind of clunky. But with the price/performance ratio of this monster, I wouldn’t mind connecting an external keyboard and mouse + hooking it up on a huge TV and play till you drop!

  • cydtpc

    hi. ask ko lang kung anong model nung a4tech na wireless mouse. thanks.

    • Hey! Sorry for the late reply but here’s the model of my wireless mouse G3-280.

  • renz

    dude meron ba s market n mas okay ang specs and same price maliban dto sa Elan L5756N? i need a quick reply baka kc bmli nako this week! nagcacanvass pako as of now e. :/ any suggestions? gaming habol ko. 🙂

    • If you really plan to game on a laptop, I suggest looking for laptops with a discrete video card not less than a GeForce 555 or Radeon 5770. If you can live with mediocre graphics this Neo will do, and I don’t think there’s none of the market as of now which has the same price range as this one.

    • Imperius

      I suppose you can count on the msi ge620dx-i3 as an alternative. (currently @ 30k)

      I wouldn’t say that the video card of this laptop (i.e. gt540) is as mediocre as you think. there is at least somewhat 23% difference on the video performance compared to gt555.

      Source: notebookcheck.net

  • Wyt

    Hi i would like to ask on what laptop do u think is better
    for playing high resolution games like Battlefield 3.
    price ranging from 30-35k only. having a tight budget here. thanks. and nice review btw.

  • ghemz

    im planning to buy this laptop. i saw it on a mall i was amazed dun sa specs nya .. so far ito p lng ung nkikita ko na suitable for me .. but are there any brand na kalevl din ng model na to at the same time same din price??

    do u think buying these laptop is sulit tlga??
    im hoping for your relpy .. thnks …

    • can’t really say i’ve used a neo for a long time. marami nagsasabi na issue daw with neo (and other brands na kalevel nya) is durability eh pero matagal na yun and i can’t personally say na ganun pa rin until now. but if guaranteed quality talaga ang hanap mo, wala kang makikita at that price with those specs.

  • Renz

    Hey guys! May bagong Neo Elan na.
    An i7 Ivy bridge model which costs only 32,000php. It’s insane.
    I hope someone could do a review on it.
    I plan on buying one next week. Available pa lang sya sa Gilmore as of now. Ang sabi ng agent sa gamo sa July pa daw nila officially irerelease sa retail outlets nila. Nagcheck din kasi ako sa ibang lugar.

    I did some research. The i7-3610QM used in this beast is the same processor used by Apple’s retina display macbooks which cost around 108,000php. The performance on the procie outperforms even Intel’s i5-2500K, my favorite desktop procie. Plus it has a full sized keyboard and USB3s.

    eto specs as posted dun sa tinanong ko sa FB account nila.

    “Hi Renz, thank you for your interest in our product. Please refer below for the specs of our LD2JL:
    CPU: Intel Core i7-3610QM
    HDD: 750GB
    RAM: 4GB
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M (2GB dedicated)
    Resolution: 1366 x 768
    USB 3.0 x 2
    Numpad included on keyboard
    *No option for SSD add-on yet.”
    – Neo Care, https://apps.facebook.com/forumforpages/229617603721403/91257647-5136-4fa4-894e-ed98825592b8/0

    The agent I talked to about this told me that the new casing for this model would be a stronger one with a non-gloss surface (also not much of fingerprint magnet as before). I think it looks similar to the Edge series chassis. It looks like brushed metal from afar.

    • hi renz… thanks for the interest. i think a review unit is coming our way this week.

  • gregoria

    nasira ung neo elan5756 ko ung screw ng pagpapaflip ng screen..
    tawag nila “d cover”.
    my nakakaalam po b kung magkano ung d cover na un? ndi daw po kasama sa warranty un 3 months ko p lng nabibili.. help!

    • Napoly

      Neo Computers really sell cheap, but beware of the consequences. They have a reputation for 3rd scale laptops. Not-so-good quality.

  • elan l4800

    walang kwenta, i have Elan L4800, nag ka virus. tapos nung e format ko. i expect, meron akong pwedeng ma download na drivers sa website nila. Yun pala, ampaw ang link nila. puro walang laman.

    bwesit, walang end user support ang bwesit na neo.

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