NEO Élan LD2JW Notebook Review

The NEO Élan represents NEO’s line of premium notebooks which has the highest quality and specs available from their stable. What we have here is their latest NEO Élan LD2JW, the successor to their NEO Élan L5756 that we reviewed a few months ago.

neo elan LD2JW 01

Let’s dig in to see what this new NEO Élan notebook can give us.


Comparing it to the previous NEO Élan, the Élan LD2JW is more than just a processor upgrade. Aside from having the latest Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7 Processor, this new model boasts of a bigger 15.6-inch display which makes it a suitable desktop replacement, and a more premium finish which is new to the Élan line.

neo elan LD2JW 02

Gone are the glossy, smudge-magnet coating, and the old-school line pattern on the older Élan L5756. The new Élan now has a subdued coppery brushed metal finish on its lid and palm rest. No more fingerprints and smudges on this laptop. This simple yet functional change made this laptop more elegant and worthy of the Élan title. This also made the notebook look sleek despite its bulk.

neo elan LD2JW 03 neo elan LD2JW 04

Ports are updated as well from the previous version. Aside from the usual DVDRW drive, this new Élan notebook has 2 USB 3.0 ports in addition to one regular USB 2.0 and an eSATA port. There’s still the usual HDMI, VGA and LAN port, and the newer Bluetooth 4.0.

neo elan LD2JW 05

You will also get a bigger 15.6-inch screen which sacrifices mobility in favor of a larger screen display. The display is average due to its 1366 x 768 resolution which we also see in 11.6-inch laptops. Viewing angle is a bit limited on the sides and sometimes you need to adjust the angle of the display to get better contrast. Watching 720p HD videos for personal consumption is great though when you get that correct angle.


neo elan LD2JW 06

The keyboard on the new Élan LD2JW has a full layout and more. As you can see, they incorporated the full set of number pad on the right. It features the island style keyboard as before but with a glossy plastic finish. Tactile feedback is not the best we’ve experienced, hitting the left side of the spacebar is not as responsive as hitting it in the center, but overall it’s ok once you get used to it.

neo elan LD2JW 07

I have mixed feelings with the layout though. The arrow keys blend with the number set which requires a lot of time to familiarize with. There’s also no dedicated Page Up, Page Dn, Home and End keys. Although pressing them does not require a combination (unless you have Num Lock on), they’re located at the four corners of the number pad.

Finally, for a 15.6-inch laptop with powerful specs which makes it a suitable entertainment machine, I would expect dedicated keys for volume control or media playback. There’s none however. Only the Power Button is available outside the keyboard.

neo elan LD2JW 08

The size of the touchpad is adequately sized and is also of matte finish. The mouse clicks lie flat on the pad for that uniform look but it does make clicking just a bit stiff. I’m happy to say that multi-touch gesture on the touchpad is an accurate affair. Gestures such as double-finger scrolling, four-finger alt-tabs works nice, the touchpad response is actually good.


The NEO Élan LD2JW is a beast with its third-generation Intel Core i7-3610QM Processor and 4GB RAM (older model has 8GB though). That’s a 2.3GHz quad-core processor capable of up to 3.3GHz with Intel’s Turbo Boost. Along with a dedicated graphics powered by NVIDIA GT 640M with 2GB VRAM, this machine should run even the demanding games (only tried Diablo 3 at high settings), process your photos, encode your videos without a hitch. I won’t however expect desktop gaming quality yet but it should be enough for its screen resolution.

neo elan pcmark

PCMark 7 gives this machine a score of 2601 which is slightly higher than its predecessor.

Below is the Windows Experience Index for the NEO Élan LD2JW running on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit:

neo elan wei

The 4.9 score for Graphics is a bit low but I’m guessing the laptop is not switching to its dedicated graphics while I was running this assessment. The 5.9 score for memory is expectedly lower than the previous Élan because of the lower memory on this one (4GB vs 8GB).

Having NVIDIA Optimus on this machine, you don’t have to worry about switching battery modes. It will automatically use the dedicated graphics when the system calls for it (like when gaming or watching HD videos) and switches it off for Intel’s HD Graphics 4000 to kick in for normal task such as word processing to conserve battery life.

This notebook is also THX certified and I was surprised with the high fidelity and decent spatial impression I got while watching The Dark Knight and playing Diablo 3. The maximum volume needs improvement though but could be solved with a good pair of portable speakers.

Battery Life

The NEO Élan LD2JW runs on a 6-cell Li-Ion battery which is still not much for such a powerful notebook. Continuous gaming can only net me a max of 1.5 hours while ordinary usage like internet browsing (including YouTube) with WiFi on gives me a max of 3 hours computing on a single charge. Just a bit below average for a machine this big and powerful. Heat is not an issue though due to the powerful (and noisy) fan making the temp manageable even when gaming.


NEO has finally stepped up with their Élan line. The switch from glossy to brushed metal was a good decision on their part giving the Élan LD2JW a premium look people will look high on. Aside from the keyboard layout, I thoroughly enjoyed the brief time I spent with this notebook as my primary gaming and multimedia machine and I know you will too.

neo elan LD2JW 09

The new Neo Élan LD2JW is priced at Php40,999 which is the same price as the previous Élan. And just like before, a Unix-version model is also available for Php35,999. Can’t beat that price for a 3rd Gen Intel Core i7 quad-core system that might as well be your desktop machine.

– Fingerprint and smudge-free brushed metal finish
– Mid-tier dedicated graphics card
– THX sound
– Affordable price for its specs
– Keyboard layout
– Low screen resolution for its size
Neo Élan LD2JW
Intel Core i7-3610QM 2.30GHz, 6MB Cache (3.3GHz Turbo Boost)
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
15.6″ LED Display
DVDRW SuperMulti
LAN: Gigabit 10/100/1000 Mbps
WLAN: 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 4.0
1 port x USB 2.0 / 2 port x USB 3.0, VGA, HDMI, eSATA
1.3 MP Webcam
6-cell Li-ion battery
2.6 Kg
SRP: Php40,999 (Windows 7) | Php35,999 (Unix)
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  • Killer price, but that screen’s a downer. It just doesn’t do the rest of the hardware justice.

    • True That

      True that. Also its a NEO laptop. NEO….NO. Big no.

  • Poor Man from Tondo

    Any news on when will Neo release Ivy bridge i3 models? Hehe..

    • i think meron na sa basic line nila.

      • Poor Man from Tondo

        Wala pa sa website nila. Sandy bridge pa rin mga i3 doon. Thanks anyway.

    • Eason

      Won’t be out in big volume until September I think. Its because of protecting the transition of Sandy Notebooks to Ivy

      • Poor Man from Tondo

        I see. Thanks for the info.

  • Mary Claire

    This Neo Elan model would be one of the greatest laptop models nowadays. This time I definitely considering Neo on my list when need to replace my old laptop. Those specifications were really amazing and tempting. Thanks for sharing those information.

  • Griswold

    ouch sayang yung screen size with that resolution. pero i agree with that look. hindi na mukhang cheap. pero matibay na rin ba kaya?

    • Raicheus

      paanong tibay? .. most of laptop kapag binagsak mo, malamang sira ang screen eh. kahit anong brand pa yan. kung tibay dahil sa init, may iba’t ibang solutions naman.. sa mentioned na malaki un fan kaso maingay so heat dissipation will suffice.

  • yogs

    Almost same lang ba toh sa NEO ELAN LD2JL? Does anyone know if nagimprove na yung durability nila kasi i’m thinking of buying a new laptop and the only thing holding me back is the reputation of neo laptops. I’ll be using it a lot and i don’t want it to break down in less than a year or two.

    • yup same lang… OS lang pinagkaiba

      • yogs

        how about the durability? madali lang ba magkaproblema toh or tatagal naman? maingat naman ako (regular scans/defrag/backup)

        • ahh something we cannot really test is durability over time since we only had the unit for a few weeks.

  • tpl

    if ever you’re going to choose between the ld2jw and l5756…which would you prefer???

    • i’d choose this newer one.

  • WONDERer

    Sir Calvin.

    Kung papipiliin kayo; Etong Neo or yung acer timeline ultra m5 (the 15.6 inch one)?

    • that acer looks nice din btw but talo sa processor department. would you know the price difference between the two?

      • WONDERer

        May variations sa models yung sa ACER but we’re looking at around $700 at least.

        • in actual peso wala? can’t compare dollar price to peso price because we don’t know the exact price it will have once it arrives in the country.

          • WONDERer

            Wala akong makitang review or kahit article man Lang na local (or I’m not looking hard enough).

          • maybe it’s not available in the country kaya ganun.

          • WONDERer

            Wait scratch that. Meron pala sa


            says here:
            “The new Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M5 Laptop base model will retail for Php44,900.”

            So yeah. winner pa talaga ang Neo sa specs and price

  • darnell

    IdolWhat would you prefer Acer Aspire v3 same specs o yang Neo elan ld2jw?

  • darnell

    Idol What would you prefer Acer Aspire v3 same specs o yang Neo elan ld2jw?

    • darnell

      yung 14 inch ng acer aspire v3 yung 49k sa

  • Jam.

    If you are contemplating on getting this unit, I would like everyone to know that Neo is just a brand, not a manufacturer. The LD2JW and LD2JL are OEM systems made by a company called Clevo.

  • Gabo

    Research on these models: Sager NP3260 / Clevo W250ES

    They look very similar to the LD2JL… perhaps an indication of the unit’s durability.

  • Just bought this 3 hour ago, when I plugged in the power adapter it shut down instantly. Rebooted and loud beep and lock lights blinking. Fan not spinning. Returning it tom.

    • ouch… did you test it at the shop before bringing it home?

      • Tested it unplugged for about 30 mins or so, but didn’t test it plugged in.

  • Parjay

    hmm.. my LD2JW is really AWESOME!!!
    BAKIT di nyo subukan..
    these one is really really a monster, i played lot’s of the newest games.. guest what maning mani.. ;D sweet..

    need to make more enhancement on the speakers..
    ung FAN sobra sipag umikot maybe due to its High specification.. hopefully magaya nila ung icecool ng sony for the palm rest.. medyo mainit..

    shock, na test ko na, i hulog ko from kama to sahig, ang during transpo eh , mahilig din sya gumala ;D..

    Try it!!you wont get dissapointed..

    basta may alam ka sa computer, you’ll see the difference and the use of the badges “stickers’ on the laptop :D..

    • Parjay

      Boss, Calvin..

      Thanks for the review, nakatulong tlga.

      naka save ako ng money.

      thanks idol 😀

      • no problem parjay. glad you’re enjoying your purchase!

      • Lenard

        mabilis sya mag heat pero ok nman sofar?
        maglalaro kac ako ng CrossFire sana maayos nman
        sa tingin nyo
        Acer Aspire V3-471G O NEO ELAN LD2JL??

  • jeff

    i have question po, yung resolution nya di ba is 1366 x 768 ?
    pwede pa ba sya maadjust sa higher resolution?
    i think pwede pa sya. i think kasi hindi pa nakainstall lahat kaya pagbukas mo ay 1366 x 768 ang resolution.

    very good laptop, high specs and low price. hope durability wont compromise, i think neo laptops are trusted brands now a days

    • ben

      Hi, kakabili ko lang nito last august and nagulat ako sa performance nya lalo na pagdating sa mga hardcore gaming. I think highest resolution na nya yung 1366 x 768 pero for a 15.6″ laptop halos hindi mo mapapansin yung pagkakaiba ng HD sa FULL HD unless naka 32″ LCD pataas ka na monitor. =)

      • waldy

        sir of now ok naman yung neo laptop mo?

  • Lenard

    Nice pinag iisipan ko kac kung acer aspire v3-471g o neo elan ld2jl
    kung ssa bilis talo acer pero sa durability di ko alam na research ko mabilis mag heat ang neo at masira totoo ba yun?
    help lng bibili na kac kmi ng new laptop

  • allan

    ok lang po ba ung NEO B5144? kasi i tried to go online using a broadband, then ung screen niya biglang nagzzoom in zoom out after a while… is that normal??

  • ben

    yup para sakin sulit ang pagkakabili ko dito. actually may katulad sya na laptop na Sager. isang kilalang brand na gumagawa ng mga gaming laptop. using intel chipset HM76 + core i7. SSD nalang kulang hehe yun nlng pinagiipunan ko. =D

  • Dinyot

    got one yesterday, so far so good…

  • Reflux

    I’m planning to buy a laptop, I think 40k php is my limit. So I saw this post and since I’m addicted to gaming (Dragon Nest, LOL, WoW, Skyrim) I really think this laptop is for me.

    My only concern is that from what I’ve read on the internet, Neo laptops always have a ‘overheating’ problem. Also, I’m also looking into it’s durability because I play a minimum of 16 hours a day and when I’m sleeping I usually leave my laptop on for downloading stuff.

    Do you guys think (those who have it), would buying this be worth it?Despite my extreme laptop usage? Or would it just die on me very early?

    • Jared

      Neo didn’t make this laptop themselves. Its a re-brand of a clevo (which has a good rep, just search the net) laptop which says it should last.

      When a laptop overheats, its can be an indication na baka kailangan linisin yung fans since nag iipon din yun ng dust sa loob.

      On the worst case scenario just google a bit about NEO’s rep on the net (and warranty na din).

      • Reflux

        I’ve been reading about it and all I’ve read about NEO is that its really prone to overheating.

  • abel

    kabibili ko lng ng ld2jl ngaung gabi… tingin ko ok naman ung specs nia…. kaso worried ako regarding sa durability nito..

  • Thea

    guys, here’s something. try searching for clevo W25AEN. im guessing its the clevo version of this one.

  • hi, just want to ask kung normal lang po ba na d makkita ung Nvidia Geforce sa Dxdiag Display sa Neo Elan LD2JW?

  • hi, just want to ask kung normal lang po ba na d makkita ung Nvidia Geforce sa Dxdiag Display sa Neo Elan LD2JW? e2 lng po nka lagay?..hope u can reply to me on this,tnx

    Display Devices
    Card name: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000
    Manufacturer: Intel Corporation
    Chip type: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family
    DAC type: Internal
    Device Type: Full Device
    Device Key: Enum\PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0166&SUBSYS_27011558&REV_09
    Display Memory: 1664 MB
    Dedicated Memory: 32 MB
    Shared Memory: 1632 MB
    Current Mode: 1366 x 768 (32 bit) (60Hz)
    Monitor Name: Generic PnP Monitor
    Monitor Model: unknown
    Monitor Id: LGD02DC
    Native Mode: 1366 x 768(p) (59.996Hz)
    Output Type: Internal
    Driver Name: igdumd64.dll,igd10umd64.dll,igd10umd64.dll,igdumd32,igd10umd32,igd10umd32
    Driver File Version: 9.17.0010.2932 (English)