Neo Explore X1: Intel & Neo Partners to Sell Laptops to Kids

Last Friday, Intel & Neo officially launched the Neo Explore X1 in the Philippines. The Neo Explore is basically the retail version of Intel’s renowned Classmate PC.

Neo Explore
The Classmate PC is Intel’s entry into the market for low-cost personal computers for children, built specifically to suit their learning needs. If you will remember, Intel pulled out of the OLPC effort and came out of its own non-commercial version which is the Classmate PC.


Based on the announcement (from the invite sent to me) of the launching, this 7-inch laptop is primarily targeted towards kids so we can write off a potential Asus Eee PC competition. The specs are exactly similar to the Eee except for the pumped up 30GB storage. The official retail price is php16,998 but expect a few thousand pesos more once spotted on computer shops.

In a way, the Neo Explore is just a very expensive kid’s toy. Fort he same amount, parents can actually buy their kids a whole desktop PC.

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  • Palang Pakana

    Why would you consider Intel’s laptop as non-commercial? Intel is a for-profit corporation, and the Neo is not free, so I am not sure why the laptop should be called non-commercial.

  • If I were to choose between a laptop and a PC which costs the same, I’d choose the lappy.

  • @Palang Pakana, I think you’ve misquoted me. I said the Classmate PC is the non-commercial version and the Neo Explore is the commercial version.

    My understanding with Intel’s Classmate PC was that it was their own OLPC version to help aide 3rd world countries or emerging markets. Since OLPC was supposed to be a non-commercial and charitable project, I reckon Intel’s Classmate PC was also the same.

    In that note, the Neo Explore was produced based on ClassMate PC to serve the commercial market.

  • Rondon

    If you can get over the “for kids” marketing and looks, this thing might actually be better than the Asus EEE PC in several ways:
    – lower price (20k vs 17k)
    – more storage (30gb vs 2GB)
    – WinXP (it’s Starter Edition, but it’s still Windows)

    I would’ve bought one spot on if it supported 1024×768 res and had a faster processor.

  • Neo Explore X1 was possibly based on OLPC

  • Neo Explore X1 was possibly based on OLPC

    or ONE LAPTOP PER CHILD that price 100 dollars, but this project was not implemented. Hoping each child had one laptop.

    I think neo explore is inspired model of pc classsmate, but it is in commercial market.

  • its really cute