Neo ViVid V1100 doesn’t look that bad

Neo’s entry to the world of netbook is the ViVid V110. I was able to have a look and feel of this netbook during the launch of Intel Atom yesterday at the Manila Ocean Park and I must say that it’s not that bad looking at all. It has something to do with the only photos available around which came from PC Corner. If you look at the photo on their site, they simply didn’t do a good job on taking its picture.


The ViVid V1100 is based on the finish of Neo’s ViVid line of laptops that comes in assorted colors and also features the cheap, glossy, plastic feel. It may not be suited for those wanting the business-look but at just under Php20,000, it’s price is attractive for teenagers and students.

Here are some of the photos taken from the Intel Atom launch:




And its specs:

  • Intel Atom 1.6GHz
  • 1GB RAM
  • 120GB SATA HD
  • 8.9″ Display (1024×600)
  • WiFi, Webcam
  • Windows XP

Nothing flashy but it has all the basic things you need on a netbook. Heck, I’d choose this over the Dell Inspiron Mini 9.


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  • ton

    where can this be purchased near cubao?

  • hmm neo is a local brand so most computer shops in Gilmore will carry it. Call them first for availability though.

  • Philippine Yobbo

    I just bough a Neo Vivid V1190 from PC Corner at Gilmore, the difference between the V1100 and the V1190 is the hard disk drive size, the V1100 has 120GB while the V1190 has a 160GB capacity as well as the screen size, 8.9in for the V1100 and 10in for the V1190.

  • dada

    my v1100 has been running quite well for d past 5 days.. just carefully check your unit before taking it home.. my unit’s built-in cam has to be “glued back”, image is kinda blurry, technician said maluwag lang daw… so far, ok n..

    to neo.. take note..

  • wala ba optical drive or cd drive ang neo vivid v1100?..pano malalagyan ng ibang application kung walang nun?.

    • halos lahat ng netbooks walang optical drive. you have to use a USB external drive/optical drive to install apps.

  • abie

    ok po ba sya? hindi ba sya sirain?

  • hazel

    wanted to buy one…how much does it cost now (approximately)?