Network Merger and the Pinoys

The blog networks b5media and Aboutweblogs are merging. So, what? Well, this should be interesting because this merger will see the rise in number of Filipino ProBloggers.

Most importantly, this merger will see Shai , the Filipino network owner of Aboutweblogs and the first ever Pinoy ProBlogger , take a stake in b5 as a partner to Jeremy, Duncan and Darren.

AND, this merger will also see the inclusion of the Philippine Culture Blog over at b5media.

Other Pinoys over at b5 are/will be:

First round (already live, pre-merger):
Jayvee ““ Cellphone 9

Second round (shortlisted from 150+ applicants, pre-merger):
Ruth ““ parenting
Melissa ““ snowboarding

Result of the merger:
Glo ““ Philippine Culture blog, from Aboutweblogs
Maricar ““ the Housekeeping & Homemaking blog, from Aboutweblogs
Stef ““ Asian Cuisine, from Aboutweblogs
Connie ““ Online Journalism, from Aboutweblogs
Ruth ““ Asia Travel, from Aboutweblogs
Melissa ““ Budget Travel Europe from Aboutweblogs

This is truly exciting. YOU could be the next one, you know.

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  • Would be great for filipinos to lead the blog revolution 🙂

  • Good to see you guys are pleased. I’d note that geography is no longer a limit to success and certainly if any of your readers are interested in blogging for b5media drop us a line the next time we advertise for bloggers. It’s not intential but I can say proudly that we now have the most geographically diverse blogging network out there.

  • Andre: we do not need to lead. For starters, it’s good that some of us were given the chance to take part in the blog revolution.

    hey Duncan! Yes, we are very happy about it! 🙂

  • was surprised there are actually a lot of filipina probloggers. 🙂 and that’s a good surprise!

    are we ready for a philippine blogging convention?

  • Hi Jayvee,

    We had the iBlog Summit last May, another mini-summit followed that and the Journalist as Bloggers conference just last month. 🙂

    Congrats to the merger.

  • hey melissa, you forgot about me!!! 🙂 i’m also part of AW merging with b5media 🙂