New Gmail features

Now here’s something new for hard-core Google fans to be excited about. New Gmail features:

  • Auto-save
  • Export contacts
  • More ways to access your Gmail account

Finally, auto-save! I was surprised to see some the “auto-save” text appear while I was composing email a while ago. I lost quite a number of messages to my computer crashing and power failures, and I this new feature is sure cool. Simple, but it works great!

And Google now allows more accessibility options! As if web-access is not enough. New Google Desktop? Have to try that one. Sounds cool.

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  • cool!

    I hope wordpress also does that (grin)… Lost quite some data when you forget to save when blogging too.

  • Blogger has some sort of an auto-recover feature, but I haven’t tried that. I lost quite a number of draft blog posts, too, with my previous laptop (always lost system board power when I’m right smack in the middle of important stuff).