New Google Applications

My Technopinoy blog takes a stab at three new Google applications—Spreadsheet, Picasa Web, and Browser Sync.

To summarize my opinions:

Spreadsheet – Interesting.  Reminds me of Visicalc which at that time was a barebones application but which launched the personal computer platform as a serious business tool.  Its integration with gmail could contribute to its potential as a collaborative tool.

Browser Sync – Am not too excited with this. Useful, yes, if you have multiple computers in different locations, but the security risk of transmitting your password and browsing history is a turn-off.  I’ll stick to if I want to share my bookmarks and with Bloglines (or any other RSS reader) if I want to keep tab of what news I read.

Picasa Web – Now this got me stumped.  I thought the direction of Google was to use the browser as a platform.  Now Google releases an application that relies on the Picasa client.  Google’s Picasa Web does not bring anything new to the table.  And 250MB of space?  Flickr provides unlimited space and Photobucket provides 1GB of space.  Plus no tagging.


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  • jash

    hmmmm the spreadsheet sounds interesting. just signed up hoping to get an invitation

  • The Google Office is near.