New Google CFO feels like a Million bucks

patrick-pichetteGoogle has finally found a replacement to its CFO which left for Facebook. The new one is Canadian Patrick Pichette.

Looking at his compensation package, I’m sure this guy already feels like a million dollas:

  • $500,000 in signing bonus
  • $500,000 6-month anniversary bonus
  • $37,500 monthly salary ($450k annually)
  • 150% annual bonus or $675,000 max per year
  • 5,566 Google shares in stock awards
  • 11,112 of Google shares in stock options
  • 910 Google shares when he reaches 6 months
  • 910 Google shares when he reaches 1 year in Google

His total cash/stocks compensation could amount to $10 Million in his first 4 years. Spare change for a company that has $166,000 Million in market capitalization.

That doesn’t include the free massages, buffer meals, free laundry he’ll get at the Google Plex. Google isn’t the #1 company to work for according to Forbes for nothing.

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