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New Mozilla Firefox mobile browser for Android now available

If you’re not happy with your Android phone’s stock browser, why not dowload and use the new Mozilla Firefox for Android which is now available in the Google Play store? Mozilla claims that their Firefox mobile browser is twice as good as your stock browser based on overall browsing experience.


The new Mozilla Firefox for Android features a streamlined and curvy design with the only visible thing aside from the page itself is the URL and the tabs. If you’re a Firefox user on your desktop, this mobile version supports Firefox Sync so you can take your browsing history, bookmarks, passwords and form data everywhere you go. Just don’t lose your phone ok?

Expect everything to be super smooth and fast when surfing with this Firefox mobile browser. Start up, load times, panning, and zooming will take a significant speed boost according to Mozilla.


Hit the Google Play store to enjoy the mobile browsing goodness brought to you by Mozilla.

Thanks Bob for the tip!

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  • jrivera

    Not good news for those with incompatible android devices! Grr…

  • I still prefer Firefox over Chrome on the PC so maybe this update will convince me to install Firefox on my phone as well. I still have to wait to buy a wifi router though. My CDR-King router that I got for php780 gave out in a little more than a month, lol. I’ll probably be getting that Buffalo wifi router that was featured a while back for php1.8k

  • thejorlanb

    Crazy. I though mobile browsing was just OPERA…….
    Le me downloading it.

  • You are always welcome 😀

  • rosenK

    I rely on gesture browsing, so I’m quite happy with Dolphin…

  • azeroth

    im currently using dolphin, i hope thsi one si good.

  • this is a good option but for now Im going to stick with Opera.. very stable and Dolphin

  • I have to say Chrome app is best.