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New Smart All-In plans gives you customization without additional charges

Smart introduced their new postpaid plans that allows you to fill it with only the services that you need, including the phones that would go along with it. The key thing is that these plans can be customized to add all sorts of unlimited services.

What you need to do is select a base plan, choose a free phone that goes with it, and choose any unlimited services that Smart offers to consume your base plan for a totally customized plan.


All of these plans allow consumers to take their pick from the mobile phone models that go with their respective preferred plans to the services they want and need, such as voice, SMS, data or IDD services. The UnliTalk and UnliText services are both offered on an unlimited 30-day basis, while UnliSurf can be availed of either as an unlimited or consumable service. With UnliSurf, subscribers can enjoy 8 hours of mobile browsing (consumable within 30 days) just for P100.00. The IDD bundle service offers calls at local rates, plus 5 minutes free. Each of the services chosen by the subscriber will simply be deducted from the cost of the monthly plan, thus ensuring that all the needed services are included within the basic plan, with no surprising added charges!

Start creating your customized All-In plan now by visiting the Smart website.

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