The Next Samsung Smartwatch Could Be the Gear S3 Frontier
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The Next Samsung Smartwatch Could Be The Gear S3 Frontier

Samsung recently filed a wearable tech trademark in Korea, with the name “Gear S3 Frontier”. At least, the company is currently playing with the name, according to the filing.
Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

What We Know So Far

Besides the usual wearable tech descriptions, the Gear S3 Frontier trademark states that it will work with multiple health devices. While this is nothing conclusive, it is interesting to note that this particular functionality is intended to record health conditions. Furthermore, analysts speculate that ‘Frontier’ could hint towards a fitness and outdoors-centric device.

However, this is all speculation for now. Samsung remains silent on any new information about the next smartwatch, except for one detail. That detail is, the successor to the Gear S2 will repeat the circular form factor of its predecessor. More details should be coming along the way in September at IFA Berlin.


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