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Niantic is Testing a New Pokemon GO Tracker

Since its release, the Pokemon GO tracker has been the game’s most divisive feature. Even if the tracker managed to work, it was still up to random luck if it would track Pokemon. Eventually, however, Niantic removed the step-tracking entirely through an update. The updated removed “Nearby” and replaced it with “Sightings”, which still met a lukewarm response. However, Niantic is testing a brand-new tracker.

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Pokemon Go Tracker 1

Nearby and Sightings in One

A few Pokemon GO players were given the chance to test the new tracking system. This time, the tracker has two sections, Nearby and Sightings. The Nearby section displays the Pokemon you will find at the nearest Pokestops. When a player taps on one, the screen displays an overhead view of the Pokestop, relative to their location. Going to the Pokestop guarantees that the listed Pokemon will be found.

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Pokemon Go Tracker 2

On the other hand, the Sightings section shows the Pokemon nearby that are not at the Pokestop. It shares similarities with the original tracking system, but does not display the Pokemon’s distance. Tapping these Pokemon does not have a result. Finding Pokemon is probably the most exciting part of the game, and this new system could enhance the entire experience. It may even prove to be competition for third party trackers.


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