Nike blogging contest

Thanks to Monica my friend and PTB reader, I learned about the Nike Free New Me contest. They are running the promo at longtime community site

They aren’t judging the content, but instead will scan your blog weekly (they say) for a mark – samples here. Bigger marks, bigger points for a raffle. So they are buying ad impressions in exchange for a chance to win. The site doesn’t say what you win – you’ll have to assume it’s Nike Free shoes. Neither does it say that you need to post something on-topic. Monica’s writing that so I assume it’s in the rules somewhere – somewhere I can’t find.

I tried signing up to see the process – even if I don’t have a “favorite sport” and neither do I have “sports idols.” I was expecting them to send me some sort of ID, or tracking number. Nothing.

It’s good that Nike and their agency are looking to blogs for selling stuff, but it falls short. It’s just a glorified raffle with the blogosphere as its playground.

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  • It now states that “Winners will get a pair of Nike Free shoes and a membership to the Nike VIP program.”

  • Krakista

    They should be advertising in The New Jersey Nets Thread in PinoyExchange.

  • Hmmm… no mechanics?

  • No tracking ID? Tres fishy if you ask me 🙂

  • Mikoid of PEx

    I came up with the idea for that promo but it seems to have mutated in the hands of the agency. Oh, well.