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Nikon 1 mirrorless cameras finally unveiled

It’s about time that Nikon joins the world of compact interchangeable lens cameras and they came up with the Nikon 1 system for their own mirrorless cameras. A mirrorless camera gives you close to DSLR quality shots on a small body which can also interchange lens. A cross between a DSLR and your point and shoot for the sake of simplicity.

Nikon 1

Anyway, early adopters of this type of digital camera are Olympus, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony so it’s nice that Nikon finally got into the game. The Nikon 1 comes in two forms: V1 and J1 but there’s not much difference between the two but they are the smallest ILCs we have today.

Surprisingly, the Nikon 1 cameras is not for those tech-savvy shooters out there. You are limited to 10.1 megapixel stills with an ISO ceiling of 3200. The CX-sensor is smaller compared to others like Sony’s APS-C sensor and this one has a 2.7x crop factor. Simply put, if you’re a professional photographer and want a secondary compact camera, the Nikon 1 might be lacking considering what’s already available at the market today. But this doesn’t automatically mean that the Nikon 1 takes crappy photos.

Nikon is bringing this to those who don’t want to jump into DSLR but still want to take good enough photos that they can’t do with their point and shoot. Those who want to have the flexibility of using different lens on a portable body.

With a price starting from $649.95 and a wide range of colors (black, white, pink, red and silver), photo hobbyists out there might just find these Nikon 1s a spot in their gadget arsenal. The Nikon 1 is slated to be released in the US on 20th of October. No local release info yet but we’ll let you know once Nikon Philippines finalize things up.

Meanwhile, here’s the promotional video showing you what the Nikon 1 can do.

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  • r41nier

    Isn’t Sony NEX-C3 and Panasonic Limux DMC GF3 smaller than those?

    • Win

      I believe the Pentax Q is smaller.

      • r41n

        Pentax Q is smaller but also very small sensor. Nikon 1 has smaller sensor than m43 but it is as big as Sony NEX and Other m43 cameras. Lenses are as big as those of m43.