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Nikon gives their entry-level D3100 DSLR the red treatment

With more and more people including casual and amateur photographers transitioning to the world of DSLRs, Nikon finally realized that black can indeed be boring. So they applied a stunning red treatment on their highly acclaimed entry-level D3100 DSLR. It took them awhile to follow Canon in giving DSLR buyers a different color option but they made a good choice in selecting the D3100.


The Nikon D3100 is Nikon’s latest entry-level DSLR released late last year. It features a huge improvement over the D3000 (Live View anyone?) and even the D5000 in some cases. This red version is Nikon’s response to Canon’s EOD 1100D which they announced last March and comes in red, gray and brown. The different colored DSLRs are slowly making their way to consumer’s hands so Nikon want’s to give their fans that option as well.

The D3100 is a small and lightweight DSLR but doesn’t feel like you’re holding a toy. New users won’t feel intimidated by this friendly camera while experienced photographers won’t feel limited by it. It can output up to 14.2 megapixel photos with decent results even on higher than ISO 800 thanks to Nikon’s EXPEED 2 engine. Video recording can be done up to 1080p with option for manual exposure and autofocusing even during shooting. The refined Guide Mode on this camera helps newbies dig into the camera and learn the basic photography concepts.

Nikon is planning to release their red D3100 in the region this month so let’s wait and see when it will arrive in our shores.

UPDATE: It seems that Nikon will only be releasing this red D3100 in some parts of Europe and Japan. No luck for us Filipinos. 🙁

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  • Gorgeous! It’s simply gorgeous!

    • sayang hindi na pala ito darating dito. 🙁 Europe and Japan lng. 🙁

      • Don’t loose hope, when it comes to gadgets and technologist nothing is impossible. Di mo alam bukas makalawa meron na dito sa atin nyan.

      • Oh I see, 🙁 This Nikon D3100 is one of my favorite.

  • Jovz

    There’s still hope in Hidalgo’s gray market guys 🙂

  • Yikes…

    Nikon is now shipping in Canon Red (also available in Pentax Pink, and Olympus Blue). Hindi ba dapat yellow brand ang Nikon?! Hehehe, I’m just kidding.

  • Amane

    Available na yan sa dbgadgets.multiply.com. 😛

  • Any new updates on this product? Where can I get it? Thanks.