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Nikon opens first service center at SM Megamall

Updated: Nikon Philippines Opens Service Center and Showroom in Makati

Finally the moment most, if not all Nikon users are waiting for, the opening of a true Nikon service center in the country. A聽ribbon cutting was held last May 11 for the opening of the first Nikon service center located smack at the middle of SM Megamall Level 5.

The Nikon service center is still under local distributor Columbia Digital Star Corporation who handled service and support previously. However, having a Nikon branded center will put consumers at ease when having their cameras repaired by qualified technicians who gets proper training and support from Nikon itself.


Columbia is also expecting to put up Nikon service centers in Cebu and Davao within the year. Still a long way from matching Canon’s service center count but it’s a much-anticipated start from Nikon. Better late than never.

Nikon Service Center, SM Megamall Tel. No:聽633-4990

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  • riclags


    • riclags

      Oh, and it’s coming to Cebu too!

  • Jerico

    Wow! Finally, I can go somewhere to have my kit lens checked. Thanks for posting! 馃檪

  • kiko

    Just like any other Nikon enthusiast out there, I audibly gasped when I saw this news on Nikon Phils FB page. I was having a minor parts issue with my D90 and I can’t figure out where to get it fixed (Columbia advised me to bring it to their service center in an unknown, well-hidden address in QC).

    So, a few days from opening, I went to their Megamall service center rather excitedly and brought my concern. What a let down!

    I was told they don’t have stock of the parts I need. Sure, I said, when will you have it? They can’t answer my question, NOR WOULD THEY ENTERTAIN AN ORDER for said part.

    Instead, I was given a number (mobile) to call by end of the week. Lo and Behold, when time came when I had to call that number (I was told to call a specific day) NO ONE IS ANSWERING. Since it is mobile, I also sent SMS. Nada.

    My disappointment led me to do several things, including leaving a subtle message on their FB page, asking about it. Nada, not even an acknowledgment that they received my concern.

    Nikon needs to learn a thing or two about customer service, really. Been looking around for a Canon, out of spite. If only I live in Singapore or some other country where Nikon has a more direct handle of its product and support. Drop Columbia, for crying out loud!

    • ouch… so the service center is just like a showroom then… boo.

  • micai

    Columbia Services… think again…

    We purchased Nikon D7000 last Feb 2011 in Thailand to prepare for a much awaited diving trip last September. After a thousand land and underwater photos taken, it suddenly flashed an ERR message at the LCD. Careful visual check up of the camera showed that the shutter seem to got stuck up. In the middle of the ocean, the helplessness and disappointment of this unfortunate event is indescribable. Apparently, the Nikon D7000 purchased is stricken by the unfortunate sickness of having the shutter stuck no matter how much care you have given it (could be the defect of the first few batches).

    Due to time and schedule conflicts, we decided to have it repaired in the Philippines and almost happy to find out about Columbia Services situated in SM Megamall. One of our friends had his repaired for the same problem so we felt a bit of confidence that the service and repair will go well.

    Here now starts the saga of having a defective unit and unreliable and unprofessional service.

    脗路 First of all, calling the shop is very difficult. They have a lot of numbers but none of them are working (so what芒鈧劉s the point!!). Until I was able to call their branch itself in Quezon City and gave me the same set of numbers that are uncontactable.

    脗路 I finally manage to bring it in their shop the last week of September. I complained about the numbers and they said the landline is broke and the cellphones are always busy. They gave me a few more numbers then. After inspecting the unit, they gave me a claim stub. They will call me after one week because that is the diagnosing time. Only then will they advise me if for repair or part replacement.

    脗路 As diligent as I could, I followed up the first week and nothing. They managed to redeem themselves by calling me days after the promised one week on the condition of the camera. They told me that the shutter was loose and there is a scratch on the CCD. I asked them how did it happen to have a scratch (which we have doubt whether the scratch was caused by them but we will never know).

    脗路 The lady cannot explain to me how it happened and cannot explain the effect that will have on the photos

    脗路 The shutter blade seems also crumpled. How the hell did they take it apart. So they gave me a notice that they will still check if can be repaired or replaced.

    脗路 After already giving them more than a week to diagnose, the technician assigned to it cannot even tell immediately if for repair or replacement! Initially they said they can repair for Php6000.

    脗路 However, few days later they confirmed back the repair cannot be done and now they need to replace the parts at Php17,000. Which we decided to go ahead as we just want the camera back in good working condition again.

    脗路 Initially, they said it will be fast because the parts are already ordered. In one week it will be done.

    脗路 I followed up after a week but I was told that there were shipping problems and have to wait and check back in a week time. The following week I called in twice (early and late that week) and still nothing. So we decided to pull out the unit and told them will pick up the unit on particular day.

    脗路 Once at the shop, I inspected it and was horrified how it was assembled back. The crumpled shutter was stuck dangling in between the blades. It was apparent to me that the technician assigned to this work did not do a great job. I was currently being attended to by another technician that couldn’t explain to me how to take apart the camera. What will be the implications of the assembly they did and why did they assemble it that way. I would expect a Nikon technician would be able to give you some explanation/clarification rather than basically saying 芒鈧搃t was not me芒鈧 芒鈧.

    脗路 I was asking them when the store manager will come in and they said for another 2 hours. The technician apologised because he wasn’t the one who took it apart. So I asked for the technician who was assigned to the job and surprise surprise that particular technician was not in as it was his day-off (this is after we have told them the day and time we will come in the pick-up the unit).

    脗路 So we asked for them to call the technician so we can talk. Then they pull out another surprise, they do not have a contact number of the technician (how is that possible!!!). Wow 芒鈧 we were so mad and upset but also had a feeling that this is not going get us anywhere since they clearly have no intention of providing professional services to their customers. We just took our camera and left and will never return to this place.

    How could have they attained the certification from Nikon as the service center in the Philippines 芒鈧 that芒鈧劉s just beyond me. They do not have the service capability, they do not have the service mind, they do not have the service professionalism.

    For the owner of Nikon cameras out there 芒鈧 In times of need, think hard and think again before you decide to have your camera service/repair at this place.

    • nap

      yeh i had bad experience also in sm megamall nikon service center.

      • madie

        OMG so glad i read this…was about to bring my nikon cam to this service center…palpak pala…ahmp…nevermind n lang…s ibang bansa n lang ipaaus…=)

        • toto

          they should close shop asap!

    • jcbasf

      Same bad experience. Brought my daughter’s D60 last August. I have been following up every2 weeks and received the same answer – that the parts have yet to arrive. But I brought it to the shop last August (more than 3 months ago).

  • felix

    called up, was answered by joyce. very helpfull. quite clear. warm voice. looking forward in having my DSLR service and cleaned tommorrow.
    thank you very much,

    will let you know how things will come tru

    • sige… let us know rin how much cleaning costs. i think i’m due one. thanks felix!

      • felix

        im back,
        had my old D70s CCD sensor cleaned. very satisfied with the way they handeled my concerns.
        Joy anne did a wonderfull job recieving my unit. even had the time to chat with Daniel C. the technician. gave me a few pointers on proper handling.(keeping it dust free)
        total cost P2000.oo cleaning
        friends gained a lot.
        time spent…very well worth it.
        thank you very much

        note: my D70s is a 2005 model
        shutter actuation count 40,000+++
        clean bill of health

        next project lens cleaning and D90 tune-up

  • sandbox

    just a friedly reminder… the Nikon Repair Service (Columbia….) dont have the guts and confidence to open up and repair a Lens 馃槓 and they call them selves a repair center.

    • Tony

      what’s the model of your lens? mine was an old 50mm f1.2. they refused to open my unit for the reason that the parts of an old models is easily broke and they said that this can no longer be replace if it happen.

      • dennis

        Hi Tony! Update us about your lens that requires repair/cleaning.

    • nap

      yes bad trip talaga yang nikon service center na yan sa SM Megamall. pinapalines ko lang yong lens ng kamera ko kasi may amag sa loob sabi nila 3500 daw. pagkatapos ng 2weeks tumawag ako sabi nila kailangan daw palitan yong dalawng lens sa loob 11000 daw ang aabutin kasi sira na daw.kaya binawi ko nalang. maayos pa sya dipa nabubuksan tapos sira. gusto lang nilang mamera. ayaw talaga nilang linisan gusto nila palitan para may kita sila. matagal na akong may kamera dilang ngayon yong luma ngang lens na may gasgas at ilang beses ng naboksan malinaw parin ang kuha. yon pa kaya pwede naman nilang linisan lang bayaran ko naman yong 3500okay na kasi yon lang talaga ang gusto ko linisan lang.

    • bong

      for your concerns re your nikon equipments for repair or cleaning, drop me a sms @ 09323252840, maybe we can work something out on your tuneup needs..

  • Guys may i ask na hindi daw sila nag re-repair ng lens? if that so bakit pa sila tinawag na service center?

    badtrip naman pa-ayus ko sana kit lense ko ehh.

    baka naka experience nyo na rin to?

    >> pag nag zoom in and zoom out ako hindi na siya smooth pag iniikot na. accidente kasi na laglag ng cousin ko ehh. pero gumagana pa naman yun nga lang hindi na siya smooth. Y_Y

    • felix

      hi cris,
      any update on your kit lens?

      • leizel

        Hi Chris,

        same tayo ng problema, di na rin smooth ang zoom in at zoom out ng camera ko. ano ginawa mo? naayos ba??

  • John Billy

    This place is horrible! Avoid it at all cost! My kit lens 18-105mm needs a repair. One of the Len mount broke off. Anyway the part is 700 pesos and they had the common sense to charge 2000 pesos for labor. What kind of shtt is that. I hope this place closes down soon! Very disappointed. It’s not about the money, but just don’t make us look stupid. I choose to buy a Nikon camera thinking that the customer service can’t be as bad as the canon in shaw but they are equality horrendous.

    Luckily I anticipated this and bought my unit I. The states complete with a 3 year warranty. I will just have to wait till may to get my lens replace.

    • Trixie

      You’re lucky they charged you 2k for labor. Just this morning, 7months after their 2k labor, they’re now asking me for P5,200 plus depende pa kung may papalitan na parts tapos 10 days wait pa. Tae nila! This is a diservice for Nikon customers. Ang sira lang ng cam ko ayaw umangat yung flash. Daig pa labor sa makina ng oto ko ah!

  • Lady

    pano po pag hindi na magopen ang camera. Na over lobat po sya.

  • Lady

    pano po pag hindi na magopen ang camera. Na over lobat po sya

  • edward

    i fell in a swimming pool the other day.. unfortunately my nikkon d3000 was with me.. can i still get it fixed?

    • d7000 lover

      maybe it is a sign to change camera model – since we all that the D3000 was the worst nikon ever..

    • bong

      for your concerns re your nikon equipments for repair or cleaning, drop me a sms @ 09323252840, maybe we can work something out on your tuneup needs..


      • pola

        Hi bong, just want to ask kung nagaayos ka din ng nabasag na part ng nikon yung malapit sa circle ng lens?

        • Esther

          Bong merona akong camera coolpix 8700 pero bigla nalang nawalan ng power ano kaya ang problema doon? Magkano ang babayaran ko kung ang nasira ay yung motherboard

  • Kampay

    Did their service improved for the last couple of months? I need to get my speedlight fixed right away. Or can anyone point me to the right person..Regards everyone!

  • Marianne Santos

    My officemates accidentally drop my Nikon coolpix S570 lcd WAS BROKEN AND LENS ERROR appeared… Is it still repairable? Thaks and I’ll be waiting for your immediate reply….



    • better have it checked. sometimes malaki na damage sa loob to have that lens error. na ganyan din yung nikon point and shoot ko before. naayos naman pero it wasn’t the same anymore. mabagal na magfocus and hindi na sya nag-fufull zoom. have it checked.

  • Nalen

    Hi guys, is there someone here who have their Nikon Coolpix repaired? The camera lens won’t extend and it shows “Lens Error” when you hit the power button. The model is Nikon Coolpix L18 to be exact. I just wanna know how much does it cost to repair. Thanks 馃檪

    • demon12809

      bossing i had s3200 same problem ata tayo “LENS ERROR” lang lagi nalabas

  • Hello sir/mam i just want to ask yung nikon center ba sa megamall magaling ba sila? Kasi i have a problem with nikon coolpix L10 bigla nalang nag whitish yung lcd..pero ok naman ang lahat..shutter flash lens..yung lcd nag white screen lang..it is possible marepair and if mataas ba sila maningil sa service center? Thanks 馃檪

  • SUZI


    • Corto

      you are naive if you think you wont pay for work and even more naive you will find out how much they will charge on this forum what a simplistic thinking

  • Corto

    Is it any better with other repairs in the Phils? I dont think so. I brought a new 90K peso sony vaio computer from Thailand (with international warranty)and after the system crashed the official sony repair in Cebu City told me this model is not supported and even if it was only software problem, if I would like to have the factory settings restored I had to go back in Thailand. So in the modern time of transfering millions of terabytes over the net every second, they were not able to fix it in Phils. Retarded.
    I guess every reapir station in your country is like that. People employed here in the Phils are simply plain idiots. In the show room they have no clue about the products they sell, they hire total idiots for the job, uneducated to lower the costs.
    Once I asked for silica gel in a Camera Point or some shit mall shop like that. And they looked at me as I would ask for scalar weapons or something,,, I mean…They never heard about it. In a humid, tropical country, I guess thats idiotic the camera shop employees dont know wt silica gel is.

    • vergel

      Don’t single out the Philippines. Idiot’s are everywhere. Most of the time it’s in your own place.

  • Sydney

    Hi ask ko lng po kasi yung kit lens ko n ginagamit ko cloudy uung mga photos ko. I think may problema sa kit lens ko kc kpag ung prime lens ko ang gamit ko ok mman sya. Please help. Before i try to bring mu lens to service center

  • raishard

    sir ask ko lng about sa lcd ng coolpix p5100 kung magkano ang papalit ng lcd kc nag karoon ng mga black line tapos nag blurred pero bumabalik sya ulit sa normal..thanks!

  • raishard

    Hi sir ask ko lng about sa lcd ng coolpix p5100 kung magkano ang papalit ng lcd kc nag karoon ng mga black line tapos nag blurred pero bumabalik sya ulit sa normal..thanks!

  • raishard

    Hi sir ask ko lng about sa lcd ng P5100 kung magkano ang papalit ng lcd kc nag karoon ng mga black line tapos nag blurred pero bumabalik sya ulit sa normal..thanks!

  • sir ask ko lang kung meron kit para sa lock ng lenz, nikon d3000 ung camera ko at accidentally nabagsak kaya nbasag din ung isang lock nya.. at ung built in flash hindi n rin ngwwork, meron bang available n flash jan sa service center?

    thank you

  • cj castillo

    magkano palinis ng les sa inyo 18-135mm?

  • Troy

    Micai, how a horrible and annoying experience you had encountered for your cam with supposed dependable nikon service center!hearing you on this is almost saying we need not venture to seeing the center anymore.

  • allan esquillo

    is there actually someone with a good experience sa Nikon service center besides Felix?

    • bong

      for your concerns re your nikon equipments for repair or cleaning, drop me a sms @ 09323252840, maybe we can work something out on your tuneup needs..


  • jessy

    tingin niyo po magkano magpaayos ng lens dun? nasira po kasi yung s4100 ko. ayaw po bumukas nung shutter pero naayos ko naman po. pero nung nabuksan na yung shutter, blurred pa rin yung nasa screen and nalabas po, lens error. at mejo wobbly din po ung lens niya. tingin niyo po, how much yun kung ipapaayos ko sa repair center sa megamall? thanks po! 馃檪

    • bong

      for your concerns re your nikon equipments for repair or cleaning, drop me a sms @ 09323252840, maybe we can work something out on your tuneup needs..


    • bong

      hi! for your concerns re your nikon equipments for repair or cleaning, drop me a sms @ 09323252840, maybe we can work something out on your tuneup needs..


  • toto

    This service center seems not servicing at all. Been calling its contact number but it’s always unattended.

  • jhosie

    hi just asking f how many months will need to wait if i bring my camera to a service center,,because i bring my camera there in megamall last Nov.2012,,but still now it is not yet finish to fix my camera..thanks a lot…

  • jhosie

    hi po ask ko lang po ulit ganun po ba talaga lage ka nila papatawagin then pag tumawag ka patatawagin ka nanaman ulit sa ibang araw at ganun pa din sasabhin nila,sasabihin po nila wala daw yung technician pero bat po sila nagbibigay ng date na tumawag ulit eh wala aman dun yun technician nila,,matatapos nalang po kase yung warranty hanggang ngayun di pa din po ayus ung camera,,

    salamat po,,,,

  • bong

    for your concerns re your nikon equipments for repair or cleaning, drop me a sms @ 09323252840, maybe we can work something out on your tuneup needs..


    • jhosie

      hi po matatapos nlng ang warranty ng camerako hanggang ngayun di padin ayus sobrang tgal sobrang nadismaya ko sa service center jan sa sm megamall,,bat ganun puro sila alibay wala silang mabigay
      na saktong araw kung kelan maayus,, nung tumawag ako sabi nila okiey nah andun na daw ung lens ikakabit nmng tawag daw ulit,,then one week after tumawag aman ako tas biglang sasabihin di pa daw dumadating anu yun niloloko bah nila ko,,,nov 2012 ko dinala dun ung camera hanggang ngayun di padin okey.. so sad punong puno nah ko sa mga dahilan nilang baluktot…

  • very poor ang kanilang after sales service. Sana mag-exert ng effort ang taga-nikon dun, ang laki ng sales nila sa dslr tapos ganun yung service nila… nakakahiya..

  • Ang Santo


    I just came back from Nikon Megamall service center.
    My unit is a D3200. I must say that their service really sucks.

    Let me enumerate them:

    1. The way they handle SLRs, they removed the lens when they got it from me. When they handled the unit back, the service personnel touched the mirror inside the body with his finger and handed it carelessly.
    2. Their usual reply is they will have a feedback within 10 days which is kind of unacceptable thinking that they should have it in the first three days.
    3. They do not have the part needed locally and they said that it will take 1 month for them to order it. I informed them that if they are selling something locally, they should have all parts available since I just bought the camera late last December 2012 only, barely four months.
    4. The way they handle customers and inquiries in Megamall is unprofessional.

    I am just sharing this since I want to get the sentiments of those who bought the 2 year warranty support of Nikon Coumbia. Please comment. Thanks.

    • Ang Santo

      Continuation…after more than one month the part did arrive and they called me up.

      Brought the camera to them just last Wednesday. To think that they made me wait for one month, their answer was to wait another 3 days (mind you they count not weekends but only weekdays).

      Their reason is that there are work orders inline not yet served. They also made mention that electronics are like this.

      I came from numerous IT, Telecoms both retail, enterprise, distribution…etc. I know what I am talking about in terms of customer support and service. They really do not know how to run a perfectly good name such as Nikon.

      They are ruining the brand, not for the repair but support since if you will notice they are promoting the 2 years warranty compared to that of Canon’s 3 years warranty. This means that they are really not prepared to give a good service…or wors of all at least a decent service.

      I will share to you what happens next.

  • joan

    Hindi maganda ang service nila. Palagi nilang sinasabi na hindi pa dumadating ung paRts from blah blah blah from our space pa yata. At nagpropromise sila na tatapusin at cocoordinate nila sa manager nila. Mag 3 months na kaya dun ung camera ko at hindi parin tapos. Haaaaayyy….

    Badtrip na badtrip

  • demon12809

    is this center is still open?tried to call their number but nobody answers

  • leizel

    Halo, wala na bang ibang center na umaayos ng nikon dslr?? parang nkakatakot naman magpa repair dyan s mega mall..huhuhuhu

  • xyza

    Bakit walang sumasagot sa customer service ng megamall puro ring lang…

    • jenny

      ayyy true… and mind you with those rings you will be charged…

  • SSubZZero

    guys magkano kaya pagawa ng Nikon d60 ko? nakalagay “error: press shutter release button again”.


  • vangie de villa

    is it just a repair/service center or you have units there for sale?

  • jenny

    I waited for two months just for them to repair my phone.. but now I’m pulling it out.. they told me that they need another 3 more weeks.. what the heck…

    • nikon repair phones now?

  • Fidel

    OMG! im planning to have my Nikon DSLR but after reading complaints and concerns, i suddenly change my mind.

    • Misspenguinlover

      Same here:)

  • john

    Wish u will hav a nikon serv. Center here in davao city so that more people will buy nikon…

  • Juliet Macarulay

    This Nikon service center really is very unprofessional. I brought my seldom used S30 camera to them last March 3, 2013,4 months from purchase due to a line in the LCD. Been following up with them every month for 3 months by going to MegaMall from my place in Tanay, Rizal. 2 months ago, they told me that they will just replace it with a new unit since it is covered in the 2-year extended warranty. They promised to text me or call me up once the unit arrived. It’s been 6 months since I gave them my camera. I followed it up today but to my surprise, their shop in MegaMall is already closed and no notice on where they transferred is posted. PLEASE HELP!!! Please tell me where I cancontact them. Thanks.

    • i saw a new nikon service center near greenbelt, paseo de roxas corner pasay road to be exact. don’t have their number though.

      • Juliet Macarulay

        Thank for the info. 馃檪

      • Bevs

        It the same as the one in Megamall. They transfered to Greenbelt. The pop up flash of my D5100 is not working properly, after reading comments about the service center, I am wondering where to bring it for repair.

  • i-reklamo nyo sa DTI

  • Tepidmd

    Poor service. Bought my Nikon d80 to their paseo de Roxas service center last November 11. Till now no diagnosis still!!! Their service sucks!!!

  • maja

    hey, can someone tell me how much is the charger of D7000??

  • itts

    any of you knows from canon or nikon camera service center technicians? I am hiring for 2 tech for saudi arabia nikon service center,

  • t.s

    very poor service center! i had mine to the service center since november they said its gonna be 3 months but until now they are still waiting for the parts! it sucks!