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Nintendo Wii is good for your figure

nav_wii_logo.gifCNN writes that the Nintendo Wii can actually be used as a weight reduction regimen.

They reported that Mickey DeLorenzo has lost nine pounds in 6 weeks by playing a total of 21 hours on the Wii. That would make it an average of 30 min/day of play time. But who plays only thirty minutes? Most of us would spend at least an hour killing time playing video games.

I don’t know if this is good news or bad news for hardcore gamers out there? Because this could mean that you’ll have the entire family jockeying against you for some “exercise” time on the Wii. *snicker*

I have the feeling that the promise of low cost virtual reality interaction is just a few years off. We have the place and soon the means. Yep, one step closer to assimilation in the “Matrix” mwahahaha

While you’re chewing on that, check out this funny Wii clip from YouTube.

Article here

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  • Sounds great. Maybe gone will be the days of those fat and pimply gaming kids with absolutely no life.

    Anyway, the problem is, there’s a lack of cheap Wii stocks here for us to buy. The $250 US SRP becomes around $500 here.

  • Ouch, double the price… even if I had the money… I’d still wait 😀

  • where can i buy wii here?

  • The Wii encourages couch potatoes gamers to get off their butts, set their snacks aside, and move around quickly. That sounds like a good recipe for losing weight. I guess that means I shouldn’t get one…

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  • I am excited to have this play gadget, I wanna lose weight and at the same time enjoying the game.