No to Flickr Video?

The internet is awash with petitions to remove video from Flickr. As of this writing, the Flickr group We Say NO to Videos on Flickr has 27,000 members, the No Video on Flickr!!! group has 11,500, the No to Videos on Flickr petition has 865 “signatures.”

But why are people rallying against Flickr video?

Reading through the discussion threads, I discovered a number of reasons.  Purists want to preserve Flickr as a “image-only” hosting site.  Others are worried that Flickr will deteriorate to a Youtube-type site with cheesy videos.  Others are concerned that there will be a slowdown as people try to upload huge video files.  One site even argues that videos are not cited in Flickr’s Description of Service.

As for me, I am impartial about the whole thing.  It’s great that people can upload videos now, but if you don’t want to watch any videos, then don’t.  If you don’t want to upload any videos, then don’t.  And if people are worried that videos will attract junk into Flickr, then they probably haven’t been going beyond their circle of Flickr friends and contacts because junk already exists in Flickr.  Even pornography is available in Flickr.

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  • dummy

    Post a crappy photo in flickr and people rush in to give you awards.

  • i never liked the functionality of flickr

  • jAynathan88

    me too.. flicker never appealed to me..