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Nokia 3230, up close and personal.

n3230Nokia came out with an elegant yet functional phone last April and I blogged about wanting to get one for myself. I settled for Nokia 6230 that following month but after it was stolen during my last trip to Baguio, I reckon fate has nudged me to grab a better deal.

Thus, I’m doing a review of my new Nokia 3230 here. First off, the casing is really plastic but it looked metallic with a hint of chrome and not that heavy at all. The large display screen (176 x 208 pixels) is crisp and clear, giving you a lot of breathing space for text messages and MMS.

Like any other Nokia models with a navi-key, navigation is easier although one might get a little confused with the orientation and functions of additional buttons on the keypad. The keypads looked too small and might be cumbersome to use but once you get the hang of it, you’d rarely hit two buttons at the same time. One thing that I couldn’t easily get accustomed to was that the navigation is now left to right instead of the usual top to bottom scrolling. The same also applies to the options menu, which is accessible via a sliding bar on the top right section fo the screen. Gives you a desktop feel.

The 1.3 megapixel camera is a wonder and with the right lighting, could produce quality images (at 65,536 colors) and videos (16.7 million/24-bit color). Pictures become grainy though if there’s not enough ambient light so you’d most probably get good shots in the outdoors. You can then transfer them via the built-in IR, bluetooth or the USB (cable not included). The RS MMC card is just 32MB and may not hold a lot of those pictures and videos so I would recommend replacing it with 128 or 256MB. And did I mention the mp3 player?

nokia3230Since the N3230 runs on Symbian OS, it is vulnerable to virus and thus you need to disable your bluetooth most of the time to avoid it. In the last week alone, I got at least 3 anonymous bluetooth file transfer requests in public places. However, the OS allows for cooler features such as installation of applications and new themes on top of the bundled apps for sound, video and picture editing. The installed games are also great and you can download more as long as the internal memory (6MB) can handle it. Never have I been so engrossed into playing games on a phone than this unit. With the navi-key as a joystick and the bright screen can display vertically and horizontally, you’d never get bored with the selection of games. 😉

By the way, the visual radio requires internet connection is able to play on-air FM as well as internet radio. It has an on-speaker option too. The only other hitch I had with it is that it often returns a “memory full” error when running the camera. This is because the applications are loaded into memory and if you do not close them properly, you’ll end up choking the OS. Reminds me of Windows XP on 64 MB of RAM. 😀

Overall, the N3230 is already a full-featured phone, slick and functional. The series 60 UI is very familiar and easy to use. The price range is somewhere between Php 18K to Php 22K. I got mine at Electroworld for Php 21.5K on deferred payment for 6 months at zero interest.

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  • darksparrow

    i have this same unit na worth 19k lng, hindi naman sayang pera mo sa unit na to.

  • My wife has this unit but returned it after a day and got the 6670 instead. The reason was the unit seems to reset every so often about 2-5 times a day. Replacement exhibited the same anomaly. Also the bundled mem is only 32MB as opposed to the 64mb of the 6670. The 6670 was cheaper by about 1k-2k and seems to be rather stable.

  • Quoting:
    y the way, the visual radio requires internet connection. (Sorry folks but it’s not the FM radio feature as most of us hoped for.)

    3230 Visual Radio can be used as FM radio even though you don’t have internet connection. I have a 3230 as well 😉 The only difference is that you won’t be able to use the interactive feature of it 🙂

  • my dad owns the same unit
    he seems to be satisfied with it 🙂
    however, when my sister tends to be narcissistic and wants her pic to be taken using dad’s phone.. she was complaining that she looks fatter there than her good old 6600. hehe

  • I’m pLanning t0 buy a new ph0ne and am ch0osing between 3230 and 6230i… heLp! which w0uLd y0u say is better?

  • @ kleighm

    For almost the same price, the N3230 has more features.

  • Jerickson

    hi what du u prefer a sony ericsson S700i or a 3230 of nokia…? i can say that its S700i for me but i need other peoples advice.. try the site of S700i http://www.sonyericsson.com its the phone of valentina on darna and vilma santos on globe…. my life depends on it

  • Rico

    the price drops to 8k this year O.o…i lost one just last year and hoping to buy one this month.

  • yeah its very nice mobile phone.

  • Arjun p-Nepal

    I got an n3230,but it is not that much cooler unit to use.It goes hang often times in a day & i got a problem that my phn camera is not working it shows ‘system error’ while i try to capture photo or video.And the quality of sound that it offers in mp3 is damn ugly,the radio got good sound.
    I have not got good experience.Although

  • I got an n3230,but it is not that much cooler unit to use.It goes hang often times in a day & i got a problem that my phn camera is not working it shows ‘system error’ while i try to capture photo or video.And the quality of sound that it offers in mp3 is damn ugly,the radio got good sound.
    I have not got good experience.

  • Nice phone.

  • on nokia 3230 camara is not woking sows system eroer

  • I got 3230 4 months ago and now it is giving problems to me that is when i turns to start camera it gives me “system error” and dont know exactly what kind of problem it is and also iam trying to repair it from the nokia care but they also failed to rapair they suggested me to send it to the company ,company will repair it or they will replace it. the whole process will take 2 months.what should i do?

  • Rilwan

    I just got a Nokia 3230 anytime i try to snap a picture it shows “system errror” pls what can i do about this? Kindly mail a response to me
    Thank you