Nokia announced the MeeGo-powered N9

Earlier this year during a roundtable with Nokia reps, we were told that there’s one MeeGo device they’ll be introducing this year. It may be a bit late for MeeGo to cash in on the mobile OS wars but the N9 looks really interesting… or maybe not.


The Nokia N9 is a single colorful slab of a device void of any front-facing buttons. You wake it up by double-tapping on its 3.9″ screen. Nokia is toting its revolutionary way of navigating through the MeeGo UI, by the use of Swipe (sorry can’t help being sarcastic here). They’re really highlighting their advancement in user interface on the N9 with the use of swiping or gestures, just like how other touchscreen phones are using.


Homescreen on the N9 is limited to three views. There’s Events which features a stream of feeds from different sources (SNS, RSS, phone events, etc.). There’s also the Application View which should be pretty standard for touchscreen phones today. And then the Multitask view which shows the live apps you are currently running at the moment. I don’t really get what’s so special about this UI. Other OS can do this and at the same time give their owners a way to customize.

I don’t know the strength of the MeeGo OS but I’m not really amazed with the UI. Maybe the N9 will cater to those who were fond of the Maemo-powered N900. Qt apps are not that aplenty although you can also install Ovi apps here.

So maybe the hardware is something to write home about? The body is made of one piece of polycarbonate material with smooth shapes. It has a 3.9″ AMOLED display and 16GB or 64GB of internal storage. Funny they skipped 32GB.

I’ll let you decide here if the specs are good enough for the N9 to be a worthy upgrade of the N8.

Nokia N9 Specs:

  • Pentaband WCDMA 850, 900, 1900, 1700, 2100, Quad band GSM/EDGE 850, 900, 1800, 1900
  • HSDPA 14.4Mbps, HSUPA: 5.76Mbps
  • ARM Cortex-A8 OMAP3630 1 Ghz, PowerVR SGX530
  • 3.9″ WVGA (854×480) AMOLED display with curved Gorilla glass, no air gap, anti-glare polarizer
  • MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan OS
  • 1GB RAM, 16GB/64GB storage
  • 8Mpix (f2.2) auto-focus Carl Zeiss, wide-angle lens, 2x LED flash
  • Video capturing MPEG-4 SP 720p @ 30fps
  • 2nd camera for video calls
  • Bluetooth 2.1, GPS, A-GPS, WLAN 802.11abgn, NFC, 3.5mm AV connector,  micro USB connector, USB charging
  • Colors: black, magenta, cyan
  • Weight: 135g
  • Battery: 1450mAh

Ok right off the bat, the 720p video recording is inferior to the N8. It won’t even do 720p video playback. I’m not seeing any sort of HDMI out as well unless there’s an NFC display readily available. No microSD slot so if you need one you’d get the 64GB version instead. No FM radio? Hmmm is that feature already obsolete? Then there’s also the lack of Flash support which could be a deal-breaker these days.

width="229"It’s not all bad though. Nokia claims that the camera on this one is the fastest to shoot among mobile phones and the f2.2 will surely help under low light conditions. The build on this one looks really good and Nokia is saying that this build allows superior antenna performance resulting to better reception and voice quality as well as reduced drop calls. And it’s a really stylish phone you’ll be proud to show off.

As for the MeeGo OS, it still has a lot of room for improvement on the UI. Do note that it’s still in the infant stage so expect some bugs and a lot of updates. At least it covered the basics, Facebook and Twitter integration, Skype, and Nokia Maps.

So what do you think of the Nokia N9? Are you excited about it? Or should Nokia stick to Symbian while their WP7 phones are still cooking?

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  • NemOry

    super yes….better in design and performance….and better OS of course…

  • Martin

    Ang ganda nito. Simple lang ang style ng phone. And it runs Meego OS. I would like to see Nokia at the top with Meego not Windows Phone 7.

  • jeprox

    funny.. you’re a techblogger and you don’t know anything about maemo or meego.. and also, yes.. other phones can do that to.. but with external buttons..

    i also know that’s your opinion about the phone.. and this is mine..

  • jeprox

    funny.. you’re a tech blogger and you don’t know anything about maemo or meego..

    and yes, other phones can do that to, but with external buttons, not with a simple swipe..

    • thanks for your opinion bro. but at least it’s better than posing as somebody who knows what he’s talking don’t you think?

      and i didn’t say I don’t know anything about MeeGo and Maemo. Just not much, there’s a difference there. And i still don’t know A LOT about the tech world. Don’t know much about Linux for example. Or WebOS. Or the significance of Ohms and impedance rating for headphones.

      • skylinerr34j

        funny he doesnt have his own techblog becuase he know’s so much..hehe!jeprox i would like to see your own blog.

        • jeprox

          i didn’t say anything that i know so much of maemo/meego.. hehehe.. that’s why i read techblogs to learn about recent technologies..

          i do have a blog though, but not about technology.. just pure awesome randomness.. lol..

          for the author, thanks for the reply, and i respect your blog, that’s why i read it..

  • Anonymous

    Maemo is better. Meego is simplicity. Nokia should release there wp7.

  • repues

    Wag na mang away! Nobody’s perfect! gumawa kayo ng sarili nyong blog if gusto nyo!

  • simplynice93

    Look like a big Apple Ipod nano (5th gen) with capacitive touchscreen.

  • phets

    I’ve always been so curious about MeeGo.. Hope a friend buys this unit. :))

  • Mike Santos

    One of the best phones Nokia has released in terms of specifications,better than the Nokia N8…And they have improved with its OS, Meego may not be at par with Android, but at least they’re way much better than Symbian…

  • cyborg

    Calvin galit ka ba sa Nokia? hehe

    • hahaha hindi no (using a NOkia phone when I’m not reviewing any handset). hindi ko lang alam kung baket masyadong excited ang mga tao sa MeeGo. actually gusto ko mga phone designs ng nokia and can’t wait for their wp7 phones.

  • cyborg

    I will get N9 (after SGS2) regardless of what others say. It’s just an awesome fresh device. But I’m sure marami parin ang bibili ng WP7 na Nokia kasi brand loyalty at pride na rin. Hopefully Nokia will make a mid-range WP7 device with the OS limitations down to a minimum.

  • Anonymous

    the same designed phone but wp7 on it, that’s the new wp7 of nokia

  • Thats great gadget .. i have n8 .. i’ll stick on it because i dnt have money for that.. hehehe

  • russ-85

    N9 is a winner, fab than iPhone, slicker than Android, san ka pa? eto phone ko.