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Nokia announced three affordable C2 handset variants

Nokia recently announced three new affordable handsets from their C2 line to confuse you more, the Nokia C2-02, Nokia C2-03 and Nokia C2-06. These new S40 phones looks very much alike and are of the touch and type variant with 2.6″ QVGA touchscreen display and a slider numeric keypad.


The Nokia C2-03, the third Dual SIM phone Nokia has brought to market in the past month, comes with Nokia’s unique Dual SIM capabilities. These include features that allow the user to personalize up to five SIM cards with a dedicated look and feel, and an Easy Swap option that lets users change SIM cards in seconds without having to turn off the phone or remove the battery.


The Nokia C2-02 is a single SIM version with a similar feature set, as well as push messaging options and a broad range of IM providers included.


The Nokia C2-06 is very similar to the C2-03 but comes in a range of fresh colors with a clean, smooth finish.

The phones all ship with new Nokia Maps for Series 40, where local maps and places of interest are pre-installed on the phone. This means users can view maps and plan routes when the phone is in offline mode, thus saving on the costs of downloading maps over the mobile network.

These are also loaded with the Nokia Browser which keeps the costs of surfing low and speeds up page downloads through Nokia’s data compression technology.

The three phones also pack a stereo FM radio, media player and memory support that can be expanded to a whopping 32 GB, letting users store thousands of photos, videos and music files.

Set to be released on the third quarter of the year, the Nokia C2-02 and C2-03 is approximately USD105 (less than Php5,000) while the Nokia C2-06 is estimated to be USD112 (Php5,000).

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  • really nice! would love to have it! Mas maganda pa sa Nokia C2-00 na dual sim!

    • hehe parehas lang!Ang ganda tong phone I really love it!

  • Wow..cool..probably the sales of the C2 series will rise up again. But my interest is the Nokia N9 with its Windows Phone 7..Cant wait to have one.

  • James

    magkanu naman kaya toh???

    • mga nasa 5k lang siguro mga yan.

  • cindy

    that is what i like about nokia. Somehow, they are able to reach the needs of not so-wealthy people. They make mobiles with affordable prices but sturdy. Nokia,keep it up.. I’m still loyal to you!

  • Juvy

    hmmm.. mukhang maganda ung C2-03.. hintayin ko mga reviews pag out nia sa market. mura pa.. 🙂

  • sinned

    wow.. good thing we have pinoytecblog. bibili na sana aq ng dual sim phone (either LG, Alcatel or Samsung), pero mas mukhang kaabang abang ‘to.

  • em

    meron din ba virtual keypad ang C2-03 at C2-06? ano difference ng dalawa, aside sa price and available colors?

  • ris

    c2-03 ba ay dual standby din just like x1-01?