Nokia Booklet 3G announced

Nokia finally announced it’s very own mini laptop called the Nokia Booklet 3G. This netbook-like portable laptop takes on the dozens and dozens of existing netbook-makers in the market. Will the added features and Ovi cut it?

The Nokia Booklet 3G will run a Windows OS (most probably Windows 7) instead of the originally-rumored Moblin OS and is powered by Intel’s Atom processor.

The 10.1-inch netbook will also have a staggering battery life of 12 hours and will have 3G/HSDPA, A-GPS and a hotswappable SIM card. There’s HDMI as well. No other details on the hard drive, RAM and graphics but Nokia promises to reveal all of them on September 2 at the Nokia World 2009.

As for the retail price, we’ll have to wait for that as well.

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  • They are a bit too late, but the design and the details look very promising. I don’t believe the battery will last 12 hours, that’s bs.

  • Looks sleek. It was only a matter of time before Nokia started making notebooks.

  • It looks very sleek, I hope it performs as good as it looks.

  • eric

    since this is the first nokia laptop, i beliv there will be lots of problems and bugs with this computer… I also dont beliv with 12hrs batery life… I work for sony vaio computer… Same thing, on marketing specs shows 5.5hrs batt life, but if your going to use the computer, it will only last for 2hrs… Those people who doesnt know that much about pc will beliv the 12hr battery life….

  • This one is promising. I think the 3G feature will not be used most of the time since I believe that this one has wifi too just like the Nokia Phones. They’re a bit late though but its good that they ventured into this line of business now.

  • ares.pantino

    how much is the srp?

  • xcellent design; great battery life; seamless 3G connection. I am very impress with this. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.