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Nokia C2 is first dual-SIM ever for Nokia

Truly momentous for Nokia as they revealed the first ever “œdual-SIM” named as C2.

Sibling of C1, C2 is more upgrade than the first in terms of SIM functionality, C2 allows user to use both SIM simultaneously; meaning calls and text messages can be received to either number while the phone is on.


The SIM 1 is placed underneath the battery while the SIM 2 is hot-swappable, meaning SIM card 2 can be replaced while the phone is operating.

C2 is a wallet-friendly handset costing at around Php2,500 enough to have more features to enjoy for. It has FM radio and music player which can store up to 32gb micro SD cards for spacious music storage.

For contacts-preferred individuals, it can store up to 1,000 entries in the phonebook. Not only that, it has a battery life span of about 16.5 days, standby mode.

C2 units will also feature Nokia Ovi Life’s Tool covering information on healthcare, agriculture, education and entertainment.

Other features to include are VGA camera, Bluetooth and GPRS.

Available in grey, black, magenta, dark blue and white, it will be out to market this Q4 of the year.

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