Nokia C3: First Impressions

I was invited to the press launch of Nokia’s latest and cheapest QWERTY handset, the Nokia C3, and was able to learn a lot about this phone.

The Nokia C3 comes in hot pink, slate gray and golden white. The pink one looks a bit toy-ish for my taste but the slate gray looks real sleek. I wasn’t able to see the golden white one. They say that other colors will be available in the future.

Nokia C3

The Nokia C3 feels quite good in my hand. Not too wide or too thick.

They say that the C3 is a toned down version of the E63 but I think the two shouldn’t be compared. The built-in social network apps found on the C3 makes it easier for you to use e-mail, Facebook, etc. Here it is side-by-side with the E63 though:

Nokia C3 and Nokia E63

The Nokia C3 is geared towards users who need to stay connected with friends and families most of the time via social networking sites. You can connect via three ways (aside from the traditional SMS and voice):

  • Social Networking Sites: Facebook and Twitter (they will add more soon)
  • Instant Messaging: Yahoo!, Google Talk, MSN and Ovi Chat
  • Email: G-Mail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, Ovi Mail and POP e-mail

You can have two Facebook accounts on simultaneously and just switch between them. You can also login to all your Email accounts and IMs at the same time and have them push data when you’re connected to the net.

Nokia C3 2mp camera

You can also take photos with the 2mp camera and easily share them with your friends via Facebook, chat, email, etc.

Browsing is done via Webkit based browser or Opera mini.

Internet connection is via WiFi and EDGE. No 3G but it shouldn’t be much of a problem if you’re only dealing with small data. Every time it needs to connect to get data, you will be prompted which method (WiFi or 2G) to use so you don’t have to worry about getting charged unexpectedly.

Nokia C3

The Nokia C3 is not for the tech-savvy phone user. But if updating Facebook status and chatting with friends via IM anywhere you go is the only thing you want more from a phone then it’s a pretty good choice. Besides, at Php7,295, I think it’s a pretty good deal.

Nokia C3 Specs

  • System: GSM/EGSM 850/900/1800/1900
  • UI: Series 40
  • Display: 2.4″ QVGA (320 X 240)
  • Weight: 114g
  • Standby time: Up to 20 days
  • Talk time: Up to 7 hours
  • Memory: Up to 55MB internal memory with support of up to 8GB via microSD
  • Connectivity: WLAN, EGPRS, Bluetooth 2.1
  • Additional Features: Full QWERTY keypad, FM Radio, Media Player, 2mp camera
  • Colors: Slate Grey, Golden White, Hot Pink
  • SRP: Php7,295
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  • nice review po. i want to get one but i do not know if it is worth it to give my nokia 5530 for c3. i hope you can give me some advice. thank you so much.

    • well if you want to go back to physical keys then C3 is a good entry-choice for a phone lalo na if you want to update your Facebook often. Take note though na 2G lang sya which is still ok kung status updates lang gagawin mo. Besides, may wifi din naman.

      • Tama ka dyan. I might get one pag nabenta ko na 5530 ko. Thank you sa advice! 😀

      • Yes, true. Thank you so much sa help. 🙂

    • kumukulongyelo

      ei sir, kindly comment on my observations below(and see if im getting any wrong impression):

      super delayed push email.

      no push notification for facebook and twitter

      almost great chat client with minimal user mod-function and frequent disconnection issues

      Smart Telecom stopped advertising Nokia C3 Nokia Messaging. I don’t exactly know why but I’m thinking its because

      a. Push Email doesn’t PUSH not unless you refresh it every so often, which is not push, but a mere manual refresh

      b. Smart EDGE on Nokia C3 is uber slow. Coming from a bbcurve 8520 edge user, the difference is huge. Of course I know that BB datacompression is way better but really, nokia messaging is slower than dial ups during my elementary days.

      c. Chat client problem which disconnect from time to time moreso when idle

      My settings, as I have availed nokia messaging, is on ALWAYS ONLINE hence the push wanting tantrum in me. but at 10 pesos a day, who am i to complain?

      • hmmm talaga. i still haven’t had the chance to use the C3 extensively pero thanks for sharing. maybe other users are also experiencing the slow push thing.

    • florencebeegeez

      I just bought a nokia c3 today at SM, Baguio. P6,600.00 sya. Medyo cheap sya for me the fact na newly launched. The thing is the radio doesn’t work kahit anong gawin ko. So I need to take it to the shop where I bought it..

  • Got a Nokia C3 already. I am loving it. 🙂

    • Mikzzee

      REally you love it? I want to buy na nga eh!! :(( Ok ba tlga xa, hndi boring?

      • ORGASM


  • abbie

    c3 po binili kong phone..nabili ko ng 6650 lng..i dont think me prob sa phone..kundi sa smart, regarding dun sa free trial nila sa nokia messaging..nung natry ko sa globe..ok naman..tapos super bilis nung nag-internet ako, using wi fi sa skul..and i’ve tried manood video sa youtube..tuloy tuloy din ung play ng it!

    • beavis

      paano ba manood ng video youtube gamit ang nokia c3? salamat


      ano po b nklgay kpag nag update k ng status sa fb via what po?via ovi by nokia po ba?ohh via fn mobile lng?

      • jasper344

        bakit ano ba gusto mo? Via Iphone 4s? Sosyal.

    • kaye

      Hi, I used the smart’s 7 day trial. Nag wo-work naman yung Communities. But kapag globe ang gamit ko, hindi ako maka-access. May ginawa ka bang configuration or something? Please help me 🙁

  • kylie

    sweet, do you still love your nokia c3? okay ba ang radio???

    • Hi. Sorry ngayon lang ah? Yes, ayos naman po ang radio. 🙂

  • I am impressed by the stylish look but having a 2 MP camera is a no-no.

    • Blah blah

      It’s a cellphone, you don’t have to expect much from it. If you really want to take good pictures, buy a digicam or better yet… a DSLR.

      People often complain about the camera well in-fact, the camera feature is just a “plus”, of course that’s not an issue if you use it for video calls.

  • sany

    hiiii!! plzz nman po help me, kkabili ko lng ng nokia C3 plan smart, hindi ko alam kung my npindot lang ako pero ayaw gumana ng menu..ano po ba dapat gawin??? huhuhu, tnxxxxx po in advanz

  • yaminoshuuen

    hi! may tanong lang sana kasi ko, hindi kasi ko magaling pagdating sa mga gadget. Para san po ba talaga ung 3G? kasi ang alam ko para sa video calling yun eh. Thanks!

    • 3G is a faster EDGE or 2G for you to connect to the net to check mails, browse, update social network, etc.

      parang pwede mong isipin na yung 2G is to dialup as 3G is to DSL.

      • yaminoshuuen

        thanks for the info! I just bought my Nokia C3 today. So far okay naman cya. Un lang kasi masyadong malaki yung font ng contacts, web and menu. Ung sa messaging lang ang may option na small font.

    • qmagz

      pano po ung connection settings sa smart?? dko kc makaconnect sa net,, kasi may router ako wifi sa bahay,, kaso cd-r king lng,, internet provider ko smart bro,, tapos inayos ng smart ung connection sa mall (SM). pag uwi ko sa bahay d ako makaconnect,, pinag dedelete ko ung connection setting lalong d na ako maka connect. =) patulong naman po. salamat sa mga sasagot. =)

  • yden

    I am going to get my C3 on Saturday. A friend of mine is selling it to me for 6k. She used it for 3 days lang.

  • RedFire

    wireless radio ba ang C3???

  • bkit ganun? indi ko ma play yung radio ko kahit anong gawin ko?.. pano ba gamitin yung radio sa NOKIA C3

  • I sold my Nokia C3 and bought a Samsung Corby Wifi and men I didn’t make a mistake. Corby Wifi is Better than Nokia C3, feature and performance wise but Nokia C3 looks good. They bought almost have the same features except for the Touchscreen and Qwerty. Both are 2mp with no flash, no 3g and no wifi and lot more. Visit my blog, Thank you! Good day! ☺

  • yaminoshuuen

    Help naman po ulit. pano ko po ba papaliitin yung font nito. I can only change the font for sms eh. But for the menu and for web browsing hanggang “normal” size lang tapos sobrang laki nung “normal” na font. OA sa laki ung font na kahit ata 2 meters away ung katabi mababasa nya ung tina-type ko pag nagbro-browse ako sa fb… =(

    • dreamz

      hello. punta ka sa opera mini: menu / tools / settings / font size

      • mababago n b ung font dunt pg pumsok k s opera mini…and ung operamini b n app. is nandun n or iiinstall p?ty

  • pie

    bumili ako nokia c3 knina lang, di ko ntry yung wi fi sa shop na binilhan ko coz down daw yung net nla,, nung umuwi ako inopen ko router ko and nag coconect naman cya sa wlan pero sa pag pinidot ko na yung community ayaw magconnect…. ano ggwin ko? pls help …nid pa ba ng setting ti connect??? help pls… tnx

    • yaminoshuuen

      nakapag set-up ka naba ng GPRS/MMS Setting? Kasi ako hindi naman nahirapan mag set-up ng FB & Twitter account ko sa communities. Yun lang medyo mabagal ang connection pag communities and gamit ko, that’s why I prefer accessing my FB via the web browser kasi mas mabilis ang connection.

      • junio

        hi pls help me also i cannot browse on FB and other site thru wifi… pls… give me the step by step procedure on connecting… thanks

  • leo estrella

    im selling my nokia c3 brandnew naka box..bigay toh ng company ng kuya ko sa callcenter..may fone na ako and hndi ko kailangan toh..sell ko for P-5800 (fix na yan)..nka box wid 1 gig memory..hndi pa nagagamit.. jst txt me 09278047402..cubao area lang meeting place.. sure buyer lang pls..

  • Jane

    I bought my C3 last Nov 2, so far ok naman siya. Ang complaint ko lang eh pag nagplay ako ng videos nag-ha-hang siya tapos auto switch off and on. Anybody who experienced this? I don’t think sa memory card ang problema kasi I tried inserting the memory card sa ibang cp and gumagana naman ang videos ng tuloy tuloy.

  • karen

    ayaw din gumana nung radio ng c3 ko,bakit ganun.d nagrereact kht ipress ko ung icon, kahit connected na yung headset…

  • junio

    Ihave c3 for 2 months na di ko magamit wifi nya, everytime im connecting to wlan connected naman, but i cannot browse to FB and other site, it keep on asking the SSID, (ano po ba yun) help me to use facebook and other site thru wifi, Im not a tecki person, pls help sana step by step… big thanks

    • there are wireless networks available out there na walang internet connection talaga. there are some din na requires you to login from your internet browser. if you have other devices, like an ipod touch or a laptop, connect ka muna using those and if nakaka-internet ka, try mo naman with your C3. or punta ka sa Agave Restaurant sa Bonifacio High Street. Free WiFi internet sila doon without password.

      • jimmy

        may promo ang C3 this Xmass kc im planning to 2 unit kng esesell sa below 6,000

        • sayang tapos na. nung dec. 4. =(

  • Mark

    GUSTO KO NA BUMILI kaso hindi ko pa natatanong ung mga store kung may promo ung nokia C3 this xmass…sana meron 😐

  • techie

    naguguluhan ako kung ipod or c3 ang bibilhin ko. i know mas maganda ang ipod, pero walang phone. may nabasa kasi ako na ayaw daw magplay ng youtube kadalasan sa c3, is it true?

  • meg

    How to type “enye” in Nokia C3? Thanks!

    • JoeAn

      Un din nga prob ko. How po? 😐

      • Yam

        How nga po? 😐

  • Hi. I am back to Nokia C3 after having A Corby Wifi. I had the pink 1st then the gold. Now i have the slate grey. Love it. Check out my blog, Thanks! ☺

    • Cecille

      Same question ano ba masmaganda C3 or Ipod touch

      • totally different devices. hindi ka makatawag or text sa ipod touch. ano mas mahalaga sayo?

      • Danica Santos

        mas maganda ipod kaso walang fone 🙂 ipod 4th gen ang gamit ko

  • helow po..talaga po bang wala pong free memory card ang c3 kase po ung nabili ko po wala pong memory card and usb conector po separate po daw syang it true po? any rep plz..thanks in advance po…

    • san store yan? alam ko meron dapat. try niyo sa nokia shop talaga pumunta.

  • maeie

    hello..pwede bang madownloadan ng themes ang c3?

  • Ceedee

    how does Facebook update posted looks like on the actual site?
    is it via Ovi by Nokia or via mobile web?
    Ayaw kasi ng pamangkin ko na via mobile web ang lumalabas, hay naku ang mga teenagers nga naman ngayon.
    I have read somewhere na thru Nokia Messaging you can get that via Ovi update status. I have no idea what Nokia Messaging is, is it different from accessing Facebook through WIFI? Or is it thru wifi but you need also some data plans from a Network, say Globe?
    I just want to make sure that I have the right info before buying any phone for her.

  • mocha

    hmm .. excited na co bumili ng c3 .. maganda ba talaga ang c3 ?? please help mee .. thnx ..

    • maraming nagsasabi ok na ok sya para sa abot-halagang presyo. hehehe.

  • nica

    bnibenta pa po ba ung c3 nokia kung binibenta po how much????po

    • frajz07

      na buy ko po sya almost 5k po.

  • frajz07

    sir , maam !

    ano po ba silbi ng BGSA_upload_0111etch.
    kasi biglan lng po kasi lumalabas sa MEMORY card ko.

    Plss po reply asap ! i Have my NOKIA C3

  • wheck

    I do have problem also about BGSA_upload…di ma delete s memory files ko..stiil coming out every time i watch video,anyone can help me????

    • Angel

      Guys i think mas maganda yung samsung corby 2
      mabilis makasagap ng wifi at touch screen po siya
      2megapixel din po ung camera

  • boink

    panu po ba burahin ung call log pag binubura ko kc ng iinvalid selection sya.. salamat po

  • JP

    Hello. I got a Nokia C3 and I’m using it as an mp3. However, the songs with Korean/Japanese titles (which I was able to read with my LG phone) can’t be read. Is there a way to fix this? Thank you 🙂

  • Nokiac3

    U people do not compare c3 to ur corby2 coz corby2 s miles away from nokiaC3..corby2 s a low responsive touchscreen phone,with poor camera than c3!!! But clearer youtube videos than c3..c3 drains after 8-10hrs of full heavy use:((..

  • Nokiac3

    ATTENTION! -all GLOBE users out there! *DO THIS NOW ON UR C3-00* goto settings>configuration>persnal config>add accespointsetting,rename it to Globe inet>bearersetting; then edit packetdata accesspoint 2 “” done,goback 2 configs slect myglobe 2 default, actvate dfault n all apps,slect globe inet to prferred accesspoint..goto internet>settngs>slect myglobeconnect 4 account:)) ucan now hav free nternet! Use operamini

  • ask ko lang po panu po ba gagana fb d2?? kasi pag mg lalagay na ko ng e-add ko tsaka password ung box empty parin kahit na inedit ko na ..pls help