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Nokia E66 & E71 owners get free wifi from AirborneAccess

New owners of Nokia E66 and E71 will be surprised to get 2 months of free WiFi from hundreds of Airborne Access hotspots nationwide. Nokia partnered with AA once again to offer free WiFi to their ESeries phones.

Starting October 6, 2008 until December 31, 2008, consumers who purchase the Nokia E71 and Nokia E66 devices will be given 2 months free instant Internet access at all Airborne Access Wi-Fi hotspots. Not only that, every week, the user with the most number of logins into Airborne Access’ Wi-Fi network will get an additional 6 months free Wi-Fi access to the Internet.

Nokia has been doing this with AA since last year, starting with their E61 and E51 models. If you also have one of those tethering softwares in your phone (Joiku Spot & Walking HotSpot), you could practically hook up your laptop or any other device into the free WiFi via your Eseries phones.

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    I Just wanna know where do i find the WLAN Connection? because there’s no WLAN on my connectivity?do i have to install it?or not?


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