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Nokia is the number one brand in the Philippines

According to a recent survey on consumer preferences conducted by Nielsen, Nokia is the Top Brand in the Philippines. Not the top brand among mobile phones but top brand overall, besting other popular brands such as Jollibee. It may have a dwindling market in North America but Nokia is still quite popular here in the Philippines. Brand loyalty by Filipinos since the days of the 5110 and 3210s.


According to the survey, Nokia is the dominant market leader in the country, besting other top brands that are mostly categorized as Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). Other brands included in the list are generally local and established brands which are leaders in their respective product categories.

The exclusive Top 10 brands report was compiled by Nielsen to offer insights into the country’s consumer base, as part of a monthly focus on individual markets across the region.

One thousand respondents in randomly selected urban areas nationwide were asked through a face-to-face interview which one (1) brand of a specific product category they consider as their favorite brand. The ranking was then determined through the number of respondents who chose the brand.

The other brand giants that made it in Nielsen’s Top 10 brands list were Nescafe, Lucky Me, Energizer, Jollibee, Selecta, C2, Gatorade, Cobra, and SM Malls.

Way to go Nokia!

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