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Nokia leads brand of handset owned by urban Filipinos, Samsung a far second

TNS, the world’s leading custom research company, previewed to the members of the press some localized results of their Mobile Life 2012 study. Mobile Life 2012 is the most comprehensive research on mobile phones covering 43 markets from North America to Asia to Sub-Saharan Africa, with a total of 34,000 respondents.

For Metro Manila coverage, 500 face-to-face interviews were conducted from ages 16-60 years old across all economic classes. One of the interesting result is the brand of handset owned by Filipinos in Metro Manila, or what reflects the urban Filipino.


Source: TNS Mobile Life 2012 Report

It’s not a surprise that we are still a Nokia country but the study showed that ownership of the brand has declined from 2010. Enjoying growth is the far second, Samsung, and also the other two “pang-masa” brands, Cherry Mobile and MyPhone. Sony Ericsson took a huge dip in ownership from 2010 while BlackBerry remained stagnant.

Other results of the study showed that mobile phone ownership in the country remains stable and that they are as widely owned as the DVD player. The study also showed that there was significant grown in smartphone ownership since 2010 across all economic classes.

The full Mobile Life 2012 report will be coming in March 2012 and for those interested with the report and other studies conducted by TNS, you may inquire on their website at http://www.tnsglobal.com/.

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  • Interesting results. I would have thought that Samsung is not that far from Nokia

    • yeah same here. i would expect samsung to be more than half of nokia’s number. i guess getting vic sotto paid off a lot. eat bulaga did give away a lot of Nokia phones.

      • Getting Vic Sotto is a relly good marketing strategy. But still hands down to Samsung for me. We rarely see any commercials about their phone, it’s just the word of mouth that helps them 🙂

  • Stagnant pa rin ang BB? In spite all of the promotions of Globe? Saan ba nag-conduct ng face-to-face interview? Sa Quiapo? 🙂

  • trashbox_ph

    Now this is a more accurate picture than the stupid assessment back then https://www.pinoytechblog.com/archives/apple-accounts-53-of-mobile-device-market-share-in-southeast-asia

  • Nick

    Hopefully, Windows phones would get better adoption rate when the Lumia models would arrive here.

  • mickey yulo

    if ownership, i wouldnt contest 1 out of 5 pinoys would have a nokia handset as a primary or secondary device. though i doubt these results are comprehensively telling of preference or market/ value share. samsung’s definitely gotten more aggressive towards mid-year 2011 esp with the release of the galaxy y which was probably the most bought phone of the year and expansion into the low-cost categories. i’m willing to bet this is a PR stunt to get nokia into buyers’ peripherals again.

    i own a nokia btw, but i also own a tab & am eyeing the galaxy nexus as my next purchase.

    • the galaxy y only took off late last year and even then it was on a limited supply.

  • Ronn

    Sony all day!

  • Tmcr7

    Hi! We’re talking about ownership here right? Not actual sales for the year. It’s because Nokia has been a very dominant brand in the past, but not all people bought cellphones last year. People interviewed would also include those who have bought phones a couple of years ago.

    • Griswold

      oo dapat clear din kung own lang ba or currently using. kasi ako i have plenty of nokia phones at home na hindi ko na ginagamit. pinapahiram ko lang pag may kelangan ng phone galing abroad.

  • John G

    Nokia is leading just because many Filipinos still own a Nokia phone. Heck, I have 2 old Nokia phones at home that I don’t use anymore. But I still own them, and I would cite Nokia as one of the handsets I own if asked the same question as the respondents of this survey. I think this is true for many of us.

    What I think people will be more interested in is to know which brand Filipinos use for their primary phone, or which phones they bought in 2011.

  • thejorlanb

    I can roughly say that 7 out of 10 high school students i know owns a Nokia phone. 9 out 10 senior citizens i know owns a Nokia phone.
    Yes, there is a lot of BB and iPhone users here, but in remote places, provinces and other rural areas, youd see more of this Finnish product.

  • 2012 is very important to NOKIA.