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Nokia Lumia 920 admirably survives torture test

Remember those stories of those old Nokia phones that are so durable that you can even use them as a makeshift weapon to ward off attackers? Well here’s another seemingly tough and durable handset from Nokia, the upcoming Lumia 920, which survived after PhoneBuff performed a number of torture tests onto it.

First is the customary drop tests from different heights which the Nokia Lumia 920 survived with just some predictable corner scruffs. No scratches nor cracks and the phone worked normally.

Impressed? Using the same device, the guys from PhoneBuff went ahead and scratched, slashed and hammered the phone.

A set of keys was used to scratch the front and back with minimal effects on the phone. Not satisfied, a big knife was used to slash all over the phone with only slash marks showing on the side. Finally, a mallet was used on the Lumia 920 to no effect and to top things off, the phone was used to hammer in a piece of nail onto a wood. The phone is still working a-ok! Now that’s impressive.

Nokia Lumia 920

The Nokia Lumia 920 is made of a glossy polycarbonate unibody, with buttons and the camera deco made of zirconium, and the curved Corning Gorilla Glass protecting its front. It will be really difficult to put scratches on this phone so a case is not required (like the old Nokia phones).

Not only is the Nokia Lumia 920 tough based on these test videos, but it also packs a lot of cool features that would make this one of the phones to desire once it becomes available here.

Here are a few features you can get out of the Nokia Lumia 920:

  • PureMotion HD+ screen which is the fastest among smartphones. Nokia claims it’s also the brightest display around
  • Steadiest camera thanks to floating lens technology
  • High-power dual-LED flash for shooting from a distance in dark environments
  • Wireless charging support
  • Responsive screen via Synaptics ClearPad Series 3 technology which lets you use the touch screen even with gloves on

So what do you think? Are you impressed with the Nokia Lumia 920?

Nokia Lumia 920 Specs:
4.5" 720p PureMotionHD+ (1280 x 768 resolution)
1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 (Krait) processor
Adreno 225 GPU
1GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, 7GB SkyDrive, no microSD
Windows Phone 8 OS
8-megapixel Carl Zeiss optics PureView
1080p video recording
1.3-megapixel front camera
Pentaband, HSPA+/FD-LTE
Bluetooth 3.1
Qi Wireless charging
2000 mAh battery (BP-4GW)
130.3 x 770.8 x 10.7 mm
Colors: Yellow, Red, White, Black, Silver
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  • Reader

    Patiently waiting…………….i want the red one. Currently keeping in touch with my friends from other country if they can purchase one for me. The country where I am now doesn’t have this. I’ve heard that nokia has released this yesterday in Dubai.

  • iwant wp8

    shut up and take my money! 😀

  • Ryan S.

    matindi-tinding pag iipon to at pag titipid.. whoo.. ang pogi mo, ung 820 kaya, ok din..

  • Chada

    Yawa! Lami kaayo ni!

  • Griswold

    drool!!! hanggaling! sino kaya gagawa ng android version na ganito rin katibay na may ganitong features din?

  • Anjan

    When it comes to durability Nokia has no peers in my opinion. Let’s see…in the last 12 years, 3 dead Samsung, 2 dead LG, 1 dead Sony Ericsson phone in my cupboard and yet all 6 Nokia phones working like a champ.

    My 5 year old Nokia 5800 still gives 4 days of battery life. It has survived being dropped numerous times and has even survived temperatures down to -35C. I think I can drive a truck over it and it will still work.

  • Absorbingman13

    grabe kelan ba lalabas sa pilipinas tong phone na to. nakakapagod mag hintay a. nakakasawang ma-excite. hahaha.

  • Aki

    I just got mine today! it’s really AMAAAAZING!!!