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Nokia Siemens Networks ushers SON to help telco providers

In a press briefing last week, Nokia Siemens Networks unveiled their Self-Organizing Network (SON) solution to members of the media. In a nutshell, NSN’s SON suite is aimed towards helping mobile communications service providers to efficiently handle and maintain their 2G and 3G networks and at the same time rapidly advance towards LTE or 4G.

nokiasiemensnetworkAlthough LTE network is not yet common around the globe, it is being pushed to help alleviate the mostly congested 2G and 3G networks that we face today. LTE is significantly faster than 3G and it provides a bigger coverage area that is very much needed outside the metro.

Nokia Siemens Networks LTE SON delivers major benefits in three key areas:

  • Self-configuration speeds network roll-outs with various features such as automated LTE base station network integration and adjacency management and optimization
  • Self-optimization uses functions such as automated neighbor relations, PCI value optimization, inter-system adjacency optimization and load balancing to make the best use of network resources
  • Self-healing functions detect, diagnose and repair nonperforming BTS/LTE base station cells automatically

Nokia Siemens Networks has been helping Communication Service Providers to manage their networks for over 20 years. Today, they offer the widest range of SON functions available and will continue to develop solutions to comply with LTE SON 3GPP standards and beyond.

Thanks to their innovations, NSN can now offer the first ever automatically network-integrating, plug-and-play BTS. The SON Suite helps CSPs to make the most of their assets throughout the network lifetime while their algorithm research continues SON leadership for all network environments.

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