Nokia Tube Specs and Pics

Nokia’s fully touchscreen mobile phone which is supposed to be a direct competitor of the iPhone is nicknamed the Nokia Tube. Specs and leaked pictures after the jump.

nokia tube

640 × 360 pixels (16:9 aspect ratio)
Symbian S60 5th ed.
touch screen with haptic feedback
3.2 MP autofocus camera with Carl Zeiss optics
Dual LED flash
Built-in GPS
140 MB RAM
HSDPA 3.6 Mbps
WiFi 802.11 b/g
1150 mAh battery (similar capacity to the Nokia E51)

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  • banana

    Specs looks impressive on paper, I wonder how it would perform when the actual units arrive. My main concern here would be the battery life and the processor they will use which was not mentioned. I do hope that the batteries would last longer than the iPhone’s measly 3-4 hours 3G performance.

    Oh, I’m sure most of you guys already watched The Dark Knight (if you haven’t then your missing half of your life, shame on you =P), remember the scene wherein Bruce and Alfred were in Hong Kong outside the big building, if your eyes were quick enough you would notice that they were using the Nokia Tube. =)