Noontec Zoro Headphone Review

I’ve known Noontec for their hard drive storage accessories and digital media players like the MovieDock A6II we previously reviewed. Didn’t know that aside from portable power packs, they also have their own pair of headphones. Most people think that when a company doesn’t focus on just audio equipment, their audio products won’t be as good as those from audio brands. Is it the same thing for the Noontec Zoro? Find out in our review.

noontec zoro


The Noontec Zoro, especially the red one we have here, is definitely eye-catching with the design inspired by the uber-pricey Dr. Dre’s Monster Beats. The red coating looks cheap but it’s not. The surface has a piano crafting varnish making it durable without the brilliant color fading over time.

noontec zoro noontec zoro noontec zoro

There’s cushioning underneath the band and the ear muffs has a protein skin-friendly material which they say won’t cause allergies on your skin.

noontec zoro noontec zoro

This is also a foldable headphone so storing or transporting won’t be a problem. There’s even a carrying pouch included. The lower portion of the band snaps softly into place with steel reinforcement on its hinge. The headband is also adjustable with measured ruts so it will stick firmly when stretched out.

noontec zoro

The 1.2m flat audio cable won’t knot and is detachable from the headpiece although it may be a bit short for some people. I also noticed that the jack doesn’t go in as tight and snug as I want it to. I’m going to chalk it up to this review unit.

Sound Quality

Since the headphone is semi-open, you won’t get the studio-like soundstage on this one. The only noise-cancelling you can get from this is by turning up the volume and with that, expect your peers to hear what you’re listening to. I won’t use this in the library or in a noisy environment but more for personal listening like when you’re in your room unless you’re planning to show it off outside.

The sound profile on the Noontec Zoro is very much neutral, which is good for most tracks especially if you have lots of uncompressed music. If you don’t like the “œoomph” on your bass that makes your heart and ears pound, go with neutral cans. It doesn’t mean that you won’t hear your bass here, you will, just not too overpowering. Even the subtle bass can be distinctly heard on the Noontec Zoro.

For most tracks, sound is clear and crisp with very good treble and mids although it gets muddied when playing loud and rock tunes which is to be expected for this type. Still, overall sound quality is good for a semi-open pair of headphones.


noontec zoro

Design-wise, the Noontec Zoro is on par with other flashy headphones in the market if you don’t mind the relatively unknown logo. It would often get stares from officemates whenever I leave this on my desk. As for sound, don’t expect premium DJ-quality, noise-cancelling type of phones but for sure it’s better than your above-average Skullcandies.

Noontec local distributor told us the Zoro will be available at the end of this month at Switch branches and eventually at Apple resellers with an introductory price of Php3,200.

Noontec Zoro Specs:

  • Plug type: 3.5mm
  • Driver diameter: 40mm
  • Input impedance: 16 ohms
  • Transducer principle: Dynamic, Semi-open
  • Frequency response: 15-22,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity at 1 KHz (SPL): 110±3dB
  • Wearing fashion: Supra-aural
  • Audio cable: 1.2m,OFC+TPE
  • Net Weight: 150g
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  • ooomph

    Id just get the Superlux HD668B Cans… Superb sounds, great quality, and its cheap 1.8k…

    Great reviews also from

    • avzde10287

      better have the timbre(tam-ber) headphones.. it’s a filipino inspired headphone..but with a good quality of sound. i think it’s even better than retails at 2,5k available at team manila concept shops. 🙂

      • heard about it, not sure about its sound quality though

  • manny

    I’m living here in Manila, where can i buy this Noontec Zoro Headphone?

    • try apple resellers. i think i saw them sa power mac center and the like.

  • Do they still sell these? If yes where?