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NTC opens up VoIP as a Value Added Service

After years of discussion and months of drafting documents, the National Telecommunications has finally opened up VoIP as a Value-Added Services. Non-telcos may offer it to the public. Read the source: the memorandum circular/final guidelines and the explanatory memorandum.

This builds up on Republic Act 7925 which defined VAS and opened up the Internet industry to non-telcos.

It requires VoIP providers to register with the commission and have an agreement with the telcos which provide the underlying IP and telecom (TDM switching) infrastructure. It requires telcos to allow VoIP providers to make use of their network and give subscribers open access. The telcos have been objecting to this all along since international voice calls have been a major source of their revenues.

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  • I hope the same thing can be done for short access codes.

    Wishful thinking…

  • Not as long as mobile VAS is tightly coupled to the carriers. Perhaps if they’d make you buy access instead of revenue sharing, then they’d consider it.

  • Yes, that’s the model am implying. In effect you rent an access code just like you rent a regular phone line. No revenue sharing. That would certainly accelerate the development of new mobile applications.

    Since its wishful thinking, why not throw in a standard interface? 😉

  • This looks like a promising place to develop a new business… or even just some academic research.

  • tex

    If VoIP is indeed a VAS,a connection agreement with Telcos sounds absurd! Only in the Philippines! uhhh,do i have to ask permission whenever i want to send emails and chat with my friends? Can somebody explain to NTC what VoIP really means?! As a DSL subscriber, i should be given the liberty to optimize and appreciate how great the internet technology is.

  • greylensman
  • Floroskop

    I think this try.

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