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NVIDIA goes to the cloud with their VGX platform, gives your tablet 1536 CUDA cores

You might be thinking, what does a leading graphics chip company have to do with cloud solutions? During the NVIDIA Editor’s Day in Thailand, we were introduced to their NVIDIA VGX Platform which allows you to experience the power of their GPU on a virtual machine.

nvidia vgx

The NVIDIA VGX Platform is created for situations wherein you will need powerful graphics computing on the go. If you need to show a 3D simulation, or you need to do some minor editing but you’re limited to a tablet device or a laptop that doesn’t have the full suite of API support, that’s where the VGX comes in.

NVIDIA introduced their VGX K2 which is the world’s first cloud GPU to deliver workstation performance. The VGX K2 is comprised of two professional-grade Quadro Kepler GPUs on a single VGX board. This GPU will power your workstation where devices can connect virtually to use its computing power.

nvidia vgx 2

To give you a better idea how it works, here’s a video of ILM’s VFX Supervisor Grady Cofer doing some heavy-duty real-time movie editing from a MacBook Air which is connected to his office workstation powered by NVIDIA VGX.

You can also connect using other platforms and devices as long as the “œreceiver” app is installed. We saw live how you can run RTT DeltaGen (a high-end rapid rendering software) on Windows 7 on an Android device. In our case, it was a Google Nexus 7 and an HTC One X. Neat huh?

windows 7 on google nexus 7

windows 7 on htc one x

Kudos to NVIDIA for introducing this technology that would be beneficial to power users and design studios worldwide. Imagine playing with 3D renderings on your iPad and its 1536 virtual CUDA cores while you’re relaxing at the beach.

NVIDIA’s VGX cloud solution (K1 and K2) will be widely available through all major OEMs in early 2013 with Citrix and Microsoft based solutions available at launch.

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  • dan oliver mia

    paano kung ordinaryong 3mbps dito sa pinas lang ang internet plan ko? not applicable, tama? kasi nasa cloud?

    • not sure but i think swak na pag 3mbps kasi commands lang naman ang ipapasa mo and parang video stream ang makukuha mo.

  • Griswold

    ang kulet. imagine going to a Battlefield or C.O.D. LAN Party with only a netbook. hehehe.