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NVIDIA intros GeForce GTX TITAN to Asian market

Just last week, NVIDIA officially announced the GeForce GTX TITAN graphics card for the Asian market. They say that this will replace the GTX 680 as the world’s fastest gaming system.

NVIDIAs Alex Chang for GTX TITAN

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN features 2,688 CUDA cores that run at 837 MHz, has 6GB of GDDR5 RAM and 7.1 billion transistors. If you compare this to the GTX 680, this has 75% more processors, the GDDR5 RAM is increased by three times twice as many transistors.

We did learn though that the clock has been lowered to 837 MHz and that the boost speeds are just up to 876 MHz, down from 1006 MHz and 1058 MHz respectively against the GTX 680.


The GTX TITAN looks impressive, with a metallic enclosure that makes it look really hi-tech. NVIDIA says that it’s not loud despite the fact that it’s about 50% more powerful than the GTX 680.

What does this mean for gamers though? Well, it would essentially mean being able to run your games at really high resolutions and better frame-rates which all-in-all help improve the gaming experience. They mentioned that upon testing it with Crysis 3 they were able to max it out to 5760×1080 pixels.


NVIDIA also showed us a small-form factor casing for the TITAN, for users who may not want a huge gaming rig in their living space. As you can see, the graphics card is exposed on this one.

Although we haven’t yet verified the local price here in the Philippines, it does sell for USD $999, which is twice the price you’ll pay for the GTX 680, for about 50% performance improvement. It’s definitely for PC gamers with the money to spare, who want to put together the most powerful gaming rig currently possible.

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