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NVIDIA shocks gaming industry with Android-powered Project SHIELD

A world leader in graphic processors, NVIDIA recently announced a breakthrough project that promises seamless gaming accessibility and personalized overall experience. With the Project SHIELD, NVIDIA aims to deliver flexible gaming opportunities, such as open access to Android games from Google Play, and wireless streaming of Steam game library titles from a rig powered by NVIDIA GeForce GTX cards.

Using functional analogy of the iPod and Kindle to music and books, co-founder and chief executive officer Jen-Hsun Huang recently stated, “We were inspired by a vision that the rise of mobile and cloud technologies will free us from our boxes, letting us game anywhere, on any screen.” Inevitably, NVIDIA aims to make this vision a reality.

Announced Features

Project SHIELD boasts of utilizing the new NVIDIA Tegra 4, promising top-notch gaming graphics and extended hours of gameplay. Aside from this, the accessibility of games for the device seems close to infinite, as it allows download of Android games, including optimized titles from the TegraZone game store, and streaming of games from a nearby PC packed with GeForce GTX cards, specifically 650 or higher.


Aside from the wow-factors inside the package, the device also features a familiar controller-inspired handheld design that is polished with an ergonomic feel. And since it is ultimately a portable gaming device, it also features a 5-inch, 1280X720 HD retinal multitouch display at 294 dpi. This, and Tegra 4’s Direct Touch Technology makes the responsiveness and accuracy seamless and realistic, a must for every skilled gamer’s battled-tested hands and fingers.

A quarter of the gaming experience involves the ambiance and the environmental sounds, as well as the reactive effects that shape the gameplay. Project SHIELD reveals an audio technology packed with custom, bass reflex, tuned port audio system, surpassing the quality of most gaming devices.

The device also allows output to bigger screens, giving players a personalized set of options based on their desired gameplay setting, that is, handheld, on the couch, or on a party.

Head-on Android Device


As a device equipped with an Android OS, different apps on multimedia such as music and videos can be utilized. Gamers might want to maximize this feature and also use the device for watching movies and listening to music without the necessity of peripheral gadgets.

Support and Development

The bosses of Ubisoft, Epic Games, and Meteor Entertainment have already announced their anticipation and support over the project, seeing it as a great opportunity for both the gamers and the developers of the industry. Imagine playing Assassin’s Creed III while lying on your bed. Now, how cool is that?

This is surely one of the great paths that the gaming community will take in this decade. As envisioned by many, the gaming experience will be more personalized and experience-based than ever before. Now, all we have to do is sit back, relax, and wait for its release date.

For more info on NVIDIA’s Project SHIELD, visit http://shield.nvidia.com/.

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