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O+ phones still having problems with Globe SIMs

Reports are still coming in of O+ phones not getting any network signal when a Globe SIM is used. It seems that this issue manifested just yesterday afternoon, July 4, and is still ongoing right now and might continue over the weekend.


The network issue is not a problem on a single O+ model. Users are reporting having the problem on O+ 8.32, 8.52, 8.36, 8.31, 8.15, 8.12, 8.6, 8.75, 8.35 when a Globe SIM is used. It doesn’t seem to be entirely a Globe issue because those SIMs work when transferred on a different handset. Other SIMs posed no problem when used on the same O+ phone.

However, O+ is saying that due to the recent system upgrade by Globe, it affected the service of prepaid subscribers and claims that there is nothing wrong with their devices.

O+ is still working with Globe for a fix though. They’ve been talking with Globe support for the whole day and released an announcement on their FB page about 2 hours ago.



Well it seems that the problem hasn’t been resolved yet and it doesn’t bode well for the affected customers unless both parties will be working over the weekend to fix this. Please continue to monitorĀ  the O+ FB page for updates.

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  • Jackie

    siguro band problems nangyari, anyways for me ang weird talaga ng O+ saying na USA sila pero ang page is for Philippines. ahahahaha siguro fake

    • hula ko sa USA inincorporate yung brand para lang malagyan ng USA para panghatak ng customers. šŸ˜›

      • aceee

        da heck.biased?????

  • ruby

    hanggang kaylan po ba ang issue na to? 1week na pong walang signal fone ko

  • lemuel

    ung sakin.. on off ang signal..pti ata ung sun cellular..i’m using 8.6..hahay

  • anonymous

    yung oplus 8.91 ko bigla nlang nagloloko yung touch. minsan bigla gagana at minsan hindi mo talaga ma touch at all……….!!!!!
    nakakainis at nakakadissapoint

  • aiz of ray

    nakakainis kalakas kamain ng load. hindi xa pd reg. ng unli kakainin lang load. O+? tsk tsk tsk sakit sa ulo lang

  • kiel reyes

    Is this already resolved? My O+ 8.15 keeps on restarting whenever i lose signal..and its irritating!!

  • paulo ledesma

    O plus care has a very weak service center. I had them fix my fab color because it was still under warranty then to my dismay they said I could pick it up became its OK, when I checked it was still in the original state it was when I left it at their makati crevice center near plaza fair along pasayroad makati. i told them the screen was defective and had to be replaced, bec there was a problem with the sensor. they insisted it was app related- so i reformated the phone- when i checked it again since they messaged me it was ok for pickup, i only noticed it at it at its original state that i left it- which did not even get re-flashed by the centre. and as usual the screen is still not working properly. since when i call the screen still gets lit, even at a normal position or when it is placed on my face. very very dissapointed. heck even ARC MOBILE did a good job at replacing my defective LCD. Very Very bad service center OPLUS. i was expecting more- and any ways, since my friend is a center manager of sun, near the branch of pasay road, i already told her not to make people go ther bec of its very very poor, service, in which they keep insisting to their clients that there is no defects on their units. now my Fab COLOR is starting to irritate me more with the screen hangs, areas when i press it doesnt detect, i need to close and open to press the areas, even if MY MEMORY is not even filling up the first half of the bar. when i call or take a call the screen closes for a while then keeps opening. THERE IS NO LIGHT SENSOR for FAB COLOR?! THEN A SERVICE CENTER LIKE THAT DOESNT HELP AT ALL. I Have a string of messages from the personnel who said that the unit was "fixed".

  • techgeek

    kaya pala ginamit ng sun plan 450 kasi mababa ang quality. Got one of this and found out program problems… one in using google image search… the fonts above go CRAZY… salita ng alien. Already a #Bendgate… di tuwid pagkagawa… peace

  • aubrey

    Im experiencing it right now with o+ phone. Too bad I cant get sms messages with both sims. How to fix it?

  • jason sarong

    Good day .. kasi itong o+ 8.91 ay pinalitan ko ng screen tapos nun f mag text ako double ang letra ang lalabas like,
    aabbccddeeffgghhii.. ganyan,, tapos sa facebook di sya mka paly ng video..

  • How can i fix my phone when i open my o plus phone it will going to restart and restart